WS Tempest - Unusual gell coat damage

The dealer made the mistake of shipping a kayak via Roadway Freight. Needless to say, it was absolutely destroyed. I was surprised to see the gell coat come off in sheets - has anyone seen kind of damage happen before?

This WAS a WS Tempest 165, Kevlar.

Looks like Roadway has bought
themselves a boat. There was substantial impact damage that caused the delamination of the gel coat. In other words, they abused the boat. Dropped it or rammed it.

Never the less, there may be a QC issue here as well. I am sure that Flatpick will weigh in too.


I would suspect that the interior surface of the gel coat was contaminated with mold release after it cured and before the layup started.

Maybe things like this are why WS is moving production.

did you find this before or after you
signed for it???

anytime i get something like this i unwrap it before the truck leaves…

still sucky…a beautiful boat to have…

As I understand it There is a fairly short window (maybe a day or two) from when the gel is applied to lay the material to insure a good bond. Like if the gel is applied on a Friday and left over the weekend before the weave is done it may give an imperfect bond.

Sort of
Yeah, I rejected the first 165 that was delivered. Also kevlar. The damage looked different. It was a couple of quarter or silver dollar sized areas of missing gelcoat. No scrapes. It made me think that it wasn’t damaged in transit but some goop was on the hull that prevented good adhesion. I took a deep breath, ordered a replacement in 'glass and it was fine. Didn’t cost me anything but a little time.

I did NOT sign for it.
I did not sign for it. Yeah, I’m in the clear as far as expense, but I am left without a boat!

It is almost a good thing. If damage like this occurred while on my watch, it would be a real hassle working with WS to get this fixed. If the layup is bad, then the whole boat is bad, right? There really needs to be some QC process to ensure that this never happens. From the outside, the boat looks just fine.

Millbrook Boats ships with Roadway
frequently. My Millbrook arrived with no damage. Millbrook simply wraps the boat in a layer or two of bubble wrap.

How was your kayak crated or protected? Sometimes it helps if a trucker can see what he is shipping, so he is less likely to damage it. That’s what bubble wrap packing accomplishes.

some contamination of the gel caused the fibers (the first layer is actually f/g) not to stick. w/o closed exam it’d be hard to say just what.


keep the packaging
Roadway will need it to file a claim if you haven’t already started that process.

My guess it was deliberate
Looks like someone applied deliberate downforce at several locations with a forklift. Yellow and Roadway are in the process of combining their operations under the YRC banner. Many will lose their jobs and/or being forced to relocate. That coupled with a 10% wage concession across the board makes for some poor attitudes. Sorry.

None of us know without close up exam
My guess would be over-catalyzed gel coat. This non-structural egg shell can be stiff and when the matrix gets flexed it will pop, as it did.

Just been doing this for 30plus years.
Put 8500 lbs of downward pressure and I can see the gelcoat coming off like that.

What’s the purpose of that link?

Rather you read and draw your own
conclusions rather than spoon feed you mine.

Look at your link
Investing has nothing to do with this.

Ah but it does…
Click down through the “headlines” and “read” the dire straights.

Any company going through turmoil is bound to have some vindictive souls. The trucking industry has many. Pay cuts and imminent job loss brings this about.