WS Tsunami 120

I plan on selling my WS Tsunami 120 and I have no idea how much to ask for it. I’ve been trying to find another listing for comparison but can’t find anything. I pretty sure these are discontinued. Here are more details:

  • 2010 WS Tsunami 120, red
  • Condition 9 of 10. always stored indoors on j-hooks. no major scratches on hull.
  • Storage areas seal with no leaks

Any advice on a fair sale price?? Honestly, I just want to make sure I am listing it at a fair price to me and the buyer.

Start with half what it cost plus some for negotiation. It your area is like ours , it is hard to find a boat in any condition. Make that 25% over half retail.
I haven’t a clue.

Search your local Craigslist to see what similar boats might be listing for. Best, if you can, to watch the ads for a couple of weeks and see which ones vanish quickly (meaning they sold) or linger on and on (meaning they are overpriced, unless they are damaged).

Pricing boats is different in every market. You do have a commonly popular model (for smaller paddlers) but the fact is that you will only get for it what somebody else who actually wants it is willing to pay and that has too many factors to have a solid algorithm for pricing.

While this is a popular time of year to buy a used boats, I have noticed far more of them on the market than usual (I think a lot more people have spare time to clean their garages and basements this year.) So you have competition to account for.

Also depends on how fast you want to unload it and how many “tire-kickers” you want to deal with. My experience (and this is in my inland urban market) with similar aged boats is that a decent brand rotomold day touring kayak in good shape will sell within an hour at $399 or less, a few days to a week between $400 and $499. Once it is listed between $500 and $599 it will take a few weeks if you are lucky and if you ask over $600 it may languish for over a month and either never sell or have to be dumped at a discount. If you throw in a decent fiberglass shaft paddle and maybe a PFD and pump, you can sometimes add $75 to $100 to the price and have the same outcomes.

Just my experience from buying and selling close to 20 boats over the years.

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Thanks for the advice, this gives me a starting point!! I think I need to determine how motivated I am to unload it, haha.

It seems like there are very few kayaks on sale in my area right now so I’ll have to keep watching to see what price range is moving.

Thanks again!

In my area used kayaks are selling very fast, and at higher than normal prices, due to the virus. WS is well-known and I think you should start it high, unless time is of the essence. Around here I think you could get ~$700, maybe even more, but used boat prices are certainly location-dependent. (In fact I suggested to a friend of mine, who foolishly purchased Walmart boats last year, that he unload them now.)

Here’s one in my area (a Tsunami 125) for $640. I bet it will sell fast:

Thanks for finding that listing! I posted mine for $600 yesterday and will see if it moves or not.

Hoping to use that money toward a tandem or a canoe (the wife wants to start paddling too).

I appreciate the help!!

Good luck selling!

Yep, that boat sold in 24 hours…

Wow! Congrats on the quick sale. Glad you ignored my advice, by the way. This is a whole different used boat market this summer due to the pandemic.

In fact, it may be that buyers have MORE choices now in the used market than new. My local outfitter has been pleading with me to consign some of my “extra” kayaks with them in their used gear department. They are having trouble getting boats and gear to meet present demand. I brought them two good quality spare paddles 10 days ago and they both sold within 3 days. This would probably be the best time to prune my fleet.

Just wanted to give an update…

I posted this boat for $600, had multiple offers and ended up selling it for $650 in 24 hours!! I talked to the buyer who said they’ve been looking for a kayak for weeks but they keep getting sold within hours of posting. Seems like a good time to sell!

Thanks again for the advice and now to start the search for a canoe!!

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That’s great! Thanks for updating us. Now hope you find the canoe you want!