WS Tsunami 135

I’d appreciate hearing from anyone that has experience with a Wilderness System Tsunami 135. What’s your take on it?

(The user would be a small woman who is an (advanced) beginner kayaker; primarily for use on bays and along the southern california coastline).

Tsunami 120
While I have no specific experience with the 135 I do own and love my 120. The hulls are similar in design and handling, paddler sizing and length are what differ.

Based on my experience, and all other user reviews and input I’ve seen on about any of the Tsunami lines I’d say you can’t go wrong with the boat. They have excellent primary and killer secondary stability, they are maneuverable when needed because of how aggressively you can edge them, but track well for their size. They aren’t super fast, but aren’t slow. And with two hatches and two bulkheads they have plenty of dry storage, and are safer if swamped. I find mine incredibly comfortable, and the fit is very adjustable with the phase 3 outfitting. I can dial it in tight for better boat control, or loosen it up to relax and enjoy a lazy cruise.

Go and test paddle, you’ll see how great a boat it is.

Good luck!

I own it and use it every weekend!

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I love my TSUNAMI 135!

I'm about 185lbs and 5'8" on a tall day. I bought the boat (intended for smaller women paddlers), because of the hull design, width, length, etc. I wanted a fairly narrow boat, that wasn't the traditional 16-17' long, and it more than fits the bill.

I paddle it in ALL conditions from open water on the Chesapeake bay, to inland creeks. It's fast enough to keep up with longer fiberglass sea kayaks. It edges well, is reasonably stable (much more so than say a PERCEPTION CAROLINA), rolls decently (wish the thigh braces were larger), and has fore and aft hatches with 3 access points (one right behind the cockpit). THIS BOAT TRACKS STRAIGHT LIKE A SLOT RACER!!!! It goes straight even in waves, with the downside being that it doesn't turn terribly quickly (I can't turn mine within 2 boat lengths without serious edging).

I love it, I abuse it every weekend, and it works great. I've paddled a few boats in my time and I feel I made a great choice with this one (everyone who tries it loves it!).

Here's a pic of me in the boat out by another lighthouse:


I Love my Tsunami 135
I absolutely LOVE my Tsunami 135! I live in Michigan and paddle mostly on rivers and inland lakes. I would consider my skill level as beginner-advanced beginner I am 5’4" and weigh 125lbs, this boat fits me like a glove!

When I bought this boat earlier this summer I had my selection narrowed down between the Tsunami 135 and the Hurricane Tampico 135S. While I really like the Tampico because it is lightweight, the Tsunami was a more comfortable fit. I think the Tsunami has the most comfortable seat, it makes it is very easy to spend all day in your kayak.

When I got the Tsunami I was so excited because I could finally keep up with my husband. This boat tracks straight, it plows through waves, easy to edge, and great for cruising at a fast pace.

I would reccomend this boat to any smaller women paddler that is looking for a boat to take her skills to the next level.

Thanks for the advice