WS Tsunami 14.5 vs. Necky Manitou


I live on the chesapeake bay. I am 6" 2’ 200 lbs. The only two boats I feel comfterable in are the WS Tsunami 14.5 (rudder) and the Necky Manitou 14 (skeg)

If you had a choice of kayaks…which one would you take out on the open bay? 1 ft. - 2 ft. waves

The ummm not very experienced dealer rep was not very helpfull.


There JUST was a long post comparing the exact boats. personally i’d go with the necky

you pick

I have been considering these same two kayaks. I’m going with the Tsunami. One thing you might consider is storage capacity. The skeg on the Manitou takes up a lot of space.

Good luck,

I don’t know if this will help…
…but, last week I purchased my first kayak - I had pretty much decided to go with the Necky Manitou Sport, until the sales rep convinced me to try the WS Tsunami 120 (I was able to “test drive” the boats in the stores indoor pool). I realize I’m not comparing apples to apples, since the boats you are considering are several feet longer, but, the instant I sat in the WS yak, I knew it was a perfect match. I think the overall comfort level in the WS is superior to Necky - if offers great back and leg support, as well as feeling very stable, plus, having many extra features lacking with the Necky. I feel I made a GREAT decision in choosing the WS. For me, it’s a boat I can definately grow with over time as my overall skill level improves. Good luck!