WS Tsunami 140 - Sloppy rudder controls?

-- Last Updated: Aug-29-11 11:16 PM EST --

I just picked up a WS Duralite Tsunami 140 from craigslist and while I was shining/cleaning it up, I started playing with the rudder controls. They seem extremely loose. They move back and forth with almost no force. This was puzzling to me because I have had a WS Sealution and still have an Equator (both with rudders) and their rudder controls are pretty stiff, you have to push on them to get them to move and they keep the cables taut, whereas simply moving the Tsunami around will make the rudder controls move and the cables are always loose. Is that just how they are built now or is something wrong?

Just went to the garage
to check my GF’s Tsunami. The cables at the rudder were not taut, neither were they taut at the back of the cockpit. Also, just reaching in with my hand, the pedals had about 2-3 inches of play.

I would be inclined to see how they …
operate while you are paddling it, and if they are not sloppy when you are using them and give quick positive response, just keep them as they are.

If they are sloppy, just adjust them, (which I assume you can)

On ninty percent of the ruddered kayaks I have paddled, it seems the rudder controls are too tight.

We just bought a big 23 foot long Necky tandem, and it has the easiest and most positive rudder that I have encountered, and it is loose.

Jack L

I paddled it and it works ok. I guess I just assumed loosey goosey meant wrong.

same boat
I believe it is by design so that the cables are not constantly under tension.