WS Tsunami 140

I am making the move to purchase a kayak. I have it narrowed down to the WS Tsunami 140 vs Perception Carolina 16’. I am 5’8" 190lbs. Could anyone out there enlighten me to what they have heard/experienced w/ these two? I am leaning towards the Tsunami because I can get it for %20 off. Plus it seems really quite practical. I will be mostly fishing, camping, floating on mild rivers and lakes.


WS Tsunami
I have had a WS Tsunami since December. I am in Norther Illinois. I have been on our local river a lot - fishing and paddling.

This is my first “move up from a Pungo” kayak - so take my words with that perspective. I have not paddled the Carolina.

The Tsunami still gives me stability to fish without feeling like I have the “wiggles.” I can get in and out of the cockpit (5’8" and 165) easily - take my legs out in the water if I want, etc. I like having the bulkheads (flotation), hatches work fine (no leaking), thigh braces fit well (really makes a difference to brace in the boat, as well as paddling), seat is comfortable (although the seat-back can get “grippy” on your torso as you paddle). Speed (for me) seems to hit the wall in the low to mid 5’s - but I am not the largest guy in the world and I am sure my paddling will improve with time.

I just ordered a smarttrack rundder. When fishing in the current a couple of strokes up-stream holds your position - but you tend to ferry back and forth and need to correct with paddle strokes. I think a rudder will be nice to get a few more casts in before having to paddle.

There are a few reviews - not too many yet.

From a novice
I demoed a Perception 160 and I did not like the tracking and the speed was adequate. The primary and secondary stability was OK. It was also not as comfortable as some other boats I had looked at.

I sat (no demo due to weather) in a Tsunami 140. It was a beautiful fit and in my opinion, made of a stiffer plastic than the Perception. Of course, the Phase 3 seats are great. I am smaller than you at 5’9" 150lbs. so I don’t know how it would fit you. If it’s too tight, look at the Tsunami 145 which has the features of the 140 but much more space for a larger person. I have no opinion as to it’s performance but there are a few comprehensive reviews (including Zager’s who made the above post) in the “Product Reviews” section.

Just returned from my dealer where I bought a Yakima Hull Raiser. They had the 140 in stock. I really liked the look and feel and I may bring my wife there next week so she can look at it as her first solo. I also didn’t realize they had adjustable thigh braces. The day hatch is a nice feature to be able to reach things while on the water.

I’m a little prejudiced in favor of WS since my first boat was one of their tandems which I really enjoy.

Again, this is without demo and just a novice’s opinion based on my body type and skill level.

Good input all.
I will be demo-ing a tsunami tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I Lv my 140
I paddle on a lake and have a 140. It’s GREAT, Im 200 lb and 5’7" It’s SOOOOO nice Lv It.

You will have to try one on for size.

Good Luck

R :slight_smile:

It was a chilly day but I took the Tsunami out on the lake, and then I took it home. Its pretty great, it tracks well and does all I could want. It will take a minute for me to get used to the rudder system but I am now the proud owner of a Tsunami 140!! any tips?

No tips
just congratulations. Enjoy!

Tsunami 140
I just got one about 2 months ago and really like the verstatility of this boat. It’s not the fastest, but I can do at least 4-5 days out of it no problem. We’re talking backpacking style not bring the kitchen sink mind you.

I was considering the Cape Lookout 155, but the bow hatch just never seemed large enough. I’m glad I waited. The Tsunami is a much better fit for my needs (rivers, lakes, and extended trips).

It tracks well, gets moving well, is very very stable,and is relatively easy to pack for a kayak. We all know about the Phase 3 seats, but overall this is a comfortable boat.

Don’t worry about the extra 6" for the 145 unless your extremly claustrophibic. I’m 5’8" 180 and fit nicely. The 145 is just too big in the cockpit. You really can’t get snug enough in it to be able to use your hips efficiently.

There are probably plenty of good boats out there, but for an all around versatile boat this is it. Trust me I looked.