WS Tsunami 145 Hatches

Help! I paddled and really loved the WS Tsunami 145 Kayak and purchased one from EMS in Massachusetts. The oval rear hatch kept popping off all by itself. It simply will not snap over the hatch neck on the boat. After bringing it back to EMS and contacting the EMS custome service folks it seems that all of the Tsunami 145s in Massachusetts stores are having the same issue. If you press on the center of the cover or gently flip up the edge, the hatch cover just pops off. It will never survive a wave…

Has anyone else seen or heard of this issue? Wilderness systems does not seem to answer their phone?


Scott Haigh

WS quality control…
strikes again.

There should have been a round yellow sticker on the plastic bag that has your owner’s manual in it. It instructs to apply a light amount of 303 on the top edge only of the hatch opening to aid snapping on the cover until they break in. I had trouble with mine also but after putting them on and taking them off several times they are starting to seal a lot better.


I have 2 140s that I bought used and have had no problems. I keep them inside and use 303 on them.

Any chance ?
Its a air pressure/heat build up inside the hold thats making them pop off ?

If all seals are to good and expanded air can’t escape the cover could give.

Sometimes a tiny hole drilled in the bulkhead will release the pressure. I would say upper bulkhead.



Try both
A friend of mine recently purchased one and is experiencing the same thing with the hatches coming off easily. He tried the 303 method…maybe just needs more time for break in. Good luck.

not QC,it’s a design problem
I saw a two year old plastic Tempest rental with “worn” aft hatch. The rubber was kind of relaxed. You could lift it off with your pinky finger let alone withstand a body laying on it. I stopped by a kayak shop with new Pungos and pushed down on the hatch until the edge lifted off. It’s a design that relies on the molded plastic to mate well with the hatch. Except it’s not a solid match. They aren’t the first manufacturer to allow iffy hatches but for the size of the company and committment to a large line it’s a committment to an iffy hatch. Aside from the Tempest the rec. boats aren’t expected to get rough use and the Tsunamis are targeted to a customer who isn’t likely to be in the surf.

I think you’re right about the design. It’s just frustrating when you fork over the money and it’s kinda like, yea, well, that’s the way it is.

I ordered a Tempest a couple of months ago…hope it arrives in good shape.

303 the rubber part of the hatch
I’m not sure if it’s the quality of the rubber or what but this one didn’t last two years stored outside and upside down. I had a VCP hatch last 10yrs stored outside with 303 about twice a year.