WS Tsunami 145

I am new to this board but here is my idea of a sit-in fishing Kayak.

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145 w/Rudder.

I did a lot of research on sit-ins/on tops and this is the boat I decided to go with due to speed, handling, stability. I wanted a yak I could use for long trips as well as fishing and this yak fit the bill of course it’s there is a give and take decision when finding the perfect boat to suit your needs.

I have had this yak since early march going out 2-3 times a week and have found it to pass every obstacle with flying colors

The modifications I made to this yak, first I added two scotty rod holders up front, I bought a pair of the power locking and a pair of the spinning reel styles.

The second modification was a Diy anchor trolley which turned out great and works like a charm. I also added a I bolt set up on my right rear for quick release of the anchor if that fails mod number three will cover my ace. :slight_smile:

The third modification was adding a Crkt bear claw knife with pointed tip and serated blade right in front of me between the rod holders for quick access. A back up plan in case I get tangled up or whatever.

The forth modification was a 360 running light for night time fishing. This little mod turned out to be an extra flash light as well. I found a mag light with mount that I plan to get soon that will work as a head light for traveling up small canals to boat ramps and just close quarter fishing at night, also another flash light in case of emergencies.

The rudder was not a mod I added it came factory but it is great for hands free fishing while floating, also works to re positioning a little without hauling in the anchor.

Well all together this boat is seriously functional as a fishing yak and a day touring yak. It handles well with my 6’1 265lbs not to mention loaded with another 50-80lbs of gear when camping.

The seat is comfortable and plenty of dry storage for all your food,gear, and fishing equipment.

My ideal yak :wink:

I do plan to get a solo canoe down the road and a Sot but this is my all around for now.

Be Safe

Eric G

Rudder controls
If you have slider controls replace them with toe controls. You get a solid foot peg and none of the twitching. Glad to hear you put the holders up front. Next is the depth sounder.

rod holders
I have seen people mount them on the side at an angle. Just helping the visual since I have no pics.

There was a lot of thought and planning before mounting the rod holders permanently. My neighbors probably thought I was nuts on the porch sitting in my kayak paddle in hand, I wanted to find the perfect spot that I could reach my rods and not interfere with my paddling whether they were set up or stowed.

Be safe

Eric G

I just looked up the specs and you made a good choice. Short enough to be maneuverable and long enough to have a little speed. Not too wide. Looks just about ideal for a sit in fishing boat. As or more stable than the average SOT. A trash compactor bag in the day hatch and some ice bottles would give you a little fish storage. I have been looking at that size range myself.

This yak has a nice layout there is a hatch to my right rear that I can access while on the water with no trouble.

There is also a decent amount of room behind the seat for tackle, drinks, or whatever you need close. To give an idea of the space I can fit 6 gator aid. Bottles back there and my 3lb anchor and line with no trouble.

Another spot for tackle dry and suck is under my legs I have plenty of room without it being in my way. I plan to mount a fly type tackle box soft with the foam to the underside of the deck so I can unzip fold down to access lures and pliers.

My poles stow on the deck in front of me under my bungees and are very secure.

Good boat for fishing although it was not it’s intended purpose from the factory.


Excellent kayak
I do believe the WS Tsunami 145 is an excellent kayak for fishing, care to share some pics?

I’m glad you found a boat that works for you. Get out often and stay safe.

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…whatever, go get’em eric!

Then congratulations on having a boat for a year that you like! Get out often, get tight lines, and stay safe.