WS Tsunami Bulkhead Question

Just picked a demo WS Tsunami 145 on the cheap. Boat has been well cared for, but I looked at the foam bulkheads and have a question about some “rips” in them.

Looking at the bulkheads from both sides, there is a rip/gap around the bottom perimeter and top perimeter of the bulkhead. the “rip” is roughly 3/8" wide and goes from about 3 to 9 o’clock. The location of the “rip” is about an inch away from the caulk seal perimiter. Each end of the top “rip” is located about an inch above the ends of the bottom rip. The end points of each rip are blunted circles. The rips are on both sides of the bulkhead (fore/aft)and on both bulkheads.

If I place my finger in the crack, it doesn’t go all the way through. The bulkheads do not leak, but if the “rip” is built in for to accommodate expansion/contraction and flex of the polyethylene boat, why is it a jagged edge?

Is it normal for this boat or do I need a band-aid patch?


They are made that way…

Can’t explain the jagged edge,
but they are made that way to allow the bulkhead to better flex along with the hull. If the hull flexed and the bulkhead could not, it would come loose from the hull. It could also leave a ridge in the hull caused by the bulkhead pushing out against it.

if you could take a digital pic of it and email me I’ll tell you if the ‘ripped’ edge is normal but yes expansion/contraction is the reason.


I think they are made that way…

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My Liquidlogic Pisgah bulkheads have a small slots cut into them about 5 inches long on each side on the bottom edge. They don't go all the way though either. Like the previous poster stated, they are probably there to provide a little strain relief for hull flexing when cartopping, hitting rocks, etc.

The slots on mine are neatly cut (or molded) into the foam with rounded ends (to prevent tearing at this spot?), not "ripped" like you describe. I suppose overloading the hatch with gear could tear the bulkhead too.

Maybe someone in the business has better knowledge?