WS Tsunami Duralite

Has anyone tried the new WS Tsunami? Either the plastic or their new plastic - DuraLite. My local dealer has both verions on order. I am looking to get this for another yak for the family. The lower weight of the new “DuraLite” is appealing - but I don’t know its properties and what the compromise would be (if anything) compared to their regular plastic.

Per my dealer - the new Tsunami is a step up from something like the Perception Carolina - but a little below the Prijon in performance. I need a boat with good initial stability (fishing and rest of the family use) - but want to be a little more touring oriented than - say - a Pungo.


it is that!
a huge step up from the Pungo. More like a Tempest than a Pungo.

it’s a pretty cool ‘touring’ boat, capable in rough conditions.


How’s the weathercocking without the rudder?

hitting rocks? go poly
not hitting rocks? consider duralite

Steve - or anyone. What about that new duralite plastic. My dealer is pricing it so that it will be $170 more than the regular plastic. I think WS has the Pungo out in the duralite - but not the Tsunami yet.

What about it? Is the new plastic better? I had heard it is thinner and they may need to put more structural support in the boat. Making me think twice about going with the new material.

Steve - is initial stability on the Tsunami OK for more casual users (ie pretty much beginner - but my sons weigh less than 160).


I have yet to test the new duralite stuff.

The Tsunami has very predictable performance and stability curves. It’s sweet. It is quite maneuverable and will have a tendancy to weathercock when paddling abeam to wind. being shorter and maneuverable also makes it quite EZ to correct. long x-ings in strong wind, the rudder will be nice.

another plus, IMO, is the cockpit. adjustable and well designed for performance and comfort.


WS Tsunami Duralite
Thanks, Steve.

I’ll have to take a look. WS is saying the duralite is resin developed/used in some white water boats. Sounds like they make a thinner wall using the duralite than the regular plastic. That may make the rock warning important.

Appreciate your insight.


From the WS website

– Last Updated: Dec-19-04 8:00 PM EST –

it is not clear that either of the Tsunami models come in Duralite. The only indication that it does come in Duralite is that they show two different color schemes (roto molded and Duralite). They only list one weight for the yak and one would think they would list two if Duralite were available or significantly lighter.
Anyway, WS boat weights are usually materially misstated on their website and in the sales brochure.

WS Tsunami.
Well, I got my new kayak today. WS Tsunami in their Gen2 plastic, the 140 (14 foot).

Not in the water, yet - hoping for a thaw later this week. Weighed it on my scale - comes in right at 52 pounds, that’s fully rigged with hatch covers, seat, etc.

Cockpit is VERY adjustable for fit - I am 5’ 8" and weigh 170. Can pretty much snug things up in there (thigh braces, seat back, thigh support on seat. etc.).

I will write up a review when I get it on the water!

May she bear you with grace
and not too many rocks now, ya hear!

Looking forward to the review.

Anxious to hear your review

– Last Updated: Dec-28-04 3:32 PM EST –

I am also looking at this model (among a few others) and also live in Illinois. I also might have selected the 140 over the 145 because the beam is a couple of inches thinner.

Did you happen to purchase it at Offshore in Vernon Hills? They are highly recommending this model.

Enjoy the yak.

Just put my review up on “Product Reviews.” Got my new Tsunami out on the Illinois River today. A little windy - but certainly warm enough. Illinois River was the only water I could find without ice.