WS Tsunami info and specs?

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I've been trying to find some more detailed specifications for Wilderness Systems kayaks online. The new website is pretty and all but it doesn't seem to have as much in the way of details on the models....just the basics: length, width, weight and max capacity. Specifically, I was looking for boat height/cockpit depth measurents for a better idea of how high or low the deck would come up on me.

(EDIT: Brent just steered me in the right directions with some height/depth specs on file here here at P-Net...thanks Brent! I'm still interested in personal experiences between the models mentioned...please see the rest of the message below.)

Also, If anyone has demoed any or all of the above models, I'd be interesting in your thoughts on how they compare to each other. I'm 5'8"-ish, about 215 and looking for a stable, relatively fast (at least faster than my SOTs or rec boats!) light tourer with gear space for short (usually 2 days or less) outings. I've read many of the individual reviews but I was really looking for more of a compare/contrast among the Tsunami model line. Thanks!
You can get a lot of that information on


Some information/reviews
on the Tsunami’s can be found in these posts:

Also check the reviews here at Pnet, lots of good info there as well.

I have a Tsunami 120 and love it, you will find my comments in those previous threads.

Good Luck.

Tsunami 140
My wife & I picked up touring Kayaks last fall. Mine a Tsunami and hers another brand. Though not new to paddling, tour kayaking is for us. After checking countless reviews and trying many boats this was just right for many reasons. Yes the storage is fairly good, and yes for price and it’s an easy paddle- tracks well and holds speed. At 6’2" and 195 lbs (36" waist) I have plenty of room. Very stable. My wife tried it just once and off to the dealer for a trade in! You’ll be happy with it- we are. We did not get the rudder option.


Think a little bigger…

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I've got a Tsunami 145. I'm 5' 10", 175 lbs. If its truly a light touring kayak that you want, then one of the the Tsunami line is probably the best available. I tried a few other light touring kayaks...including the Perception Carolina....and I found the Tsunami to be superior in fit, finish, comfort, and performance.

It actually handles big water and open ocean conditions with the real sea kayaks. It's remarkably stable in the waves and following seas present some interesting opportunities to do a little surfing. I was surprised by all this, but others have confirmed the touring and ocean character built into this boat. sure that you will not want to move into some true sea kayaking. I'm ready to move up, and I'm frustrated by the Tsunami's relatively pokey cruising speed and very wide beam. I will keep the Tsunami for camping and such outings, but I'm now looking for something that will enable me to keep up with the guys in sleeker boats and refine some some fundamentals like rolling and bracing.

That said, I think the 145...rather than the 140 is more suited to your size. I also think you will really overwhelm a I'd urge you to think bigger.

The Tsunami is a great kayak. Just make sure that this is what you want in the long term.


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I was leaning towards the 145 anyway...the 140 felt just a tad small and the 120 and 125 were never even a consideration. I like the extended tour possibilities of the 165 but with that big a boat in poly the weight starts to be really prohibitive. If I ever get up that big it will probably be a composite or I'll have to finish the boat trailer I've been thinking about.

I just bought a Necky Manitou 14 as my all-around/day touring boat. With some creative packing, I can probably do overnighters in it. I'm still planning on getting something more along the lines of a Tsunami 145 though...or maybe I'll eat my words and get a 165!

not a lot of difference
The Manitou 140 and Tsunami 145 sure seem pretty similar in most regards. I don’t think you’d value the difference much. Perhaps a longer kayak is indeed the way to go. The Tsunami 165 is a very nice boat…and its definitely more of a full touring sea kayak than its smaller bretheren in the line. Yeah, poly boats can weigh a ton at that size…

Oh, oh…looks like you are “in the same boat” (figuratively) as me.

Manitou vs Tsunami
I was just outside adjusting the fit of my rack and saddles to my new Manitou for a week (on and off) of paddling starting this weekend. The slightly narrower, slightly shortly and 6 to 12 pound lighter (depending on which chart you believe) Manitou is a breeze to lift, shoulder and carry to the truck compared to the Tsu 140 I tried last week. Overall, I’m a Wilderness fan but I think they mix a little bit of lead with their poly! Needless to say, it’s A LOT easier to load than my tandem…

I think
that much of the extra weight comes from the heavier hatch covers, thicker plastic on the aft and fore keels. No expert but it’s a guess.