WS Tsunami seat back replacement?

I have a WS Tsunami 165 that I bought a few months ago. It’s a good compromise between a recreational 'yak and a touring yak, a bit closer to the touring side.

One thing I’m considering changing is the seat back. It’s the System 3 seat setup with the tall seatback, not the same as the Tempest’s. It’s pretty comfy but the seatback sticks up a good two or three inches above the deck, which can make it a bit difficult getting in and out under less-than-ideal coditions.

Does anyone have good or bad experiences to share with replacing this seatback? Or in general, really good or bad comments about a particular aftermarket seatback?

any backband you want!!!

the Tempest backband kit from CWS has instructions on the swap. It takes 10-15 minutes and is totally worth it!

I wanted to offer the Tsunami models with the backstrap as well as the backREST but… coporate wants to keep the SKU’s to a minimum.

so…any backstrap can be adapted and IMO, is necesssaay to make the TS a performance paddling vessel.


Thanks and another ??
Thanks, Steve!

Pardon my noob ignorance, who is CWS?

Confluence WaterSports(?) - NM

Tsunami Seat back
We have had allot of experience changing the seat back out on Wilderness Tsunami kayaks. Last Year the company switched from the enormously popular phase 3 seat to the back band in the Tsunami 160, 165, and 175 models. They kept the same seat pan which makes the upgrade easy.

Luckily their is a kit to replace the back band with the phase 3 seat back.

The seat back will not fit any other Wilderness models that do not have the phase 3 seat, especially the tempest, zephyr, pamlico, tsunami sport, any sit on top.

There are no instructions with the kit so take your time setting it up. Also instead of riveting in the cord holder in front of the seat use a barrel loc.