WS Tsunami vs Cape lookout

My girlfriend and I are shopping for our first kayaks. The local dealer has two Wilderness Systems Cape Lookouts (145 & 155) leftover from 2004 for a pretty good deal as well as the new Wilderness Systems Tsunami 140. We’re both tall and skinny, and looking to use these on a variety of water, including a group trip up to Georgian Bay in Canada this summer. Is a newer Tsunami much of an improvement over the Cape Lookout?

odd ducks
I’ve heard mixed messages about the Tsunami,

Try 'em both and see
The Tsunami is the new and improved replacement for the Cape Lookout. I have paddled both but I could easily be happy with either model.

Your best bet is to make sure that you demo both yaks on the water to determine which model that you and your lady prefer. Who knows…she might prefer the Lookout and you the Tsunami or vice versa. Either way, you are looking at two great yaks as well as a potentially good savings if you or your lady end up with the Lookouts!


Had a cape lookout 145 and I loved it.
I now have a 170 cape horn and at times I wish I still had my lookout. It was nice to toss in the back of my truck for fishing.

Went with the Lookouts
Thanks for you’re feedback. We ended up going with the Lookouts because of the huge savings and the availability. Hopefully we’ll be able to take them out this weekend on a small local lake to warm up and get a feel for them.

Could you please post what you have heard about the tsunami? this boat is on my short list and I really don’t want to make the wrong choices. there has not been a lot of comment about this boat and I am looking for any input at all.