Actually, just trolling for Hex. Wondering how your enjoying that EFT? Sounds like your tapping the speed.

Your name came up at ACK the other day. You’re right - some VERY big fish in there! What do you think of the new ramp? Personally I liked it better before.

Hi Kris,

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Been training exclusively with the EFT (took a couple weeks off for a cruise),, coming along ok. Still don't feel 100% comfortable with the new sitting position,, tiller bar with feet together and knees not under the deck,, I seem to fatique quicker.
ACK? ramp works for me getting in,, coming out it was better before. How did my name come up?
How is that surfski? Did a race with Iceman last month, he's chomping at the bit to get that Mako!


Position and progress
I think I can relate to the seating position.

Being knees up on the ski is a killer after after the lazy bow legged sea kayak position (OK I move around and have legs more together in there sometimes - but on average…)

Between being tucked (with gut in the way), and having legs together, and finding a whole new set of position and balance muscles - I don’t last long!

Longest I stayed upright so far without going legs over for a rest was 3/4 mile (at a blistering 5 mph with a tailwind)! What’s that work out to, 9 minutes? Fortunately a dump seems to relax the muscles for another go. Only one dump Tuesday at ACK - which is sort of a miracle for me even on glass calm water - but I only did a total of about 3 miles - in short segments. For now I think I get more out it when I take the swims than when I don’t.

SERIOUS baby steps - but a UX is not exactly the best to learn on, nor I the best student! Your incremental climb through ever faster hulls is much more logical.

It’s just a matter of adaptation I know - and with only 4 times on the ski in almost as many months I’m not that concerned (except that maybe I won’t make enough time for it), but man it’s different! I will need to go easy until the muscles adapt, then it should get easier. I forget now - but it was a bit like that going from 28" SOT to 21" SINK at first too.

Also complicates things that I need to learn a different position AND and whole new level of balance AND a rudder AND a different paddle/stroke all at once. Or, maybe UN-learning everything else is what’s hard!

One thing - it sure makes the Q700 feel solid. Hadn’t done any rescue practice for [too long to admit] and took some time a couple weeks ago to do several re-entries and try to roll several times (close - no cigar). Never even needed to get the paddle float out for the re-entries. Big difference from when I first got the boat. I give credit to the ski remounts (used similar method) - and some to the buoyancy of the GP.

My ski is easy to get back on (few re-dumps) butt first - but I don’t know if that will serve in waves so I need to work on the horse style too. As tippy as it is - it’s easy to sit sideways and dangle legs off - so the side remount made sense. Only dicey part is swinging leg over and dealing with the paddle. Purposeful and committed movements seem to be best.

Like to check out your EFT sometime. You’re welcome to try my UX - but I doubt you’ll fit. It’s built for fairly short people. (like maybe 5’5" to 5" 9" - maybe a little more with short legs). If I ever sell it - it will most likely be to a female.

Anytime after this weekend feel free to let me know when and where to try the EFT. We can meet at ACK(probably better) or West Lake. Tippiness wise, how does the UX compare to the Isthmus you tried? Tried an ICF kayak, went over twice in the first 30 seconds.


keep working- it gets better
although i confess that i found the ux to be a bit of bear, and i sold mine to get something else. having said that, a few solid months on the ski will have you paddling it better than you probably ever thought you could. so don’t give up!!



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I can't really compare...

Only time I tried an Isthmus was in 1-2 ft waves/15-20kt winds. Could not stay on to really know! I quickly retreated to the safety of my 700. From the brief attempts at a ride - it seemed to have some initial stablity - but very twitchy.

I've only had the UX on flat water in light winds. It's inital stablity s not twitchy at all - because it doesn't have any! Does have some decent secondary - but there is no rest/balance point. Even still, I can sit still in it with feet in the wells - with paddle on lap but it not a relaxed position and feels a lot better to be moving and have a blade in the water.

My guess is that if you fell of the ICF 2 times in 30 seconds - I'd guess somewhere between 0-1 dumps on the UX. In a few minues you'd be doing much better than me on it.

My first sit - I couldn't even stay on with feet over the sides. Took 15 minutes to get that! Another 15 to get feet in moving, 15 more and I could sit feet in and not paddle. he other times, the first few minutes it's nearly unmanagable until I loosen up a bit (then it's only a handful).

I've heard it compared to the Mako for stability - but think it has to be a little easier than that. Maybe when Ice gets his we can all compare. It's defininitely easier to remount than a deep seat SA ski. Likely easier than the Isthmus for that too.

I'll have to try an Isthmus again. Even my limited ski play should make it easier now.

Where do you park/launch at West Lake? I either paddle there from home, or Dania pier/Whiskey Creek. The one time I parked closer it was South of the lakes (Holland Park - small beach on corner of North Lake/ICW) and required a short ICW paddle to get in. Not ready for ICW on ski - but lakes could be good. I know there are boat ramps just at the edge of the no motor zone (also Holland Park) - but don't know the parking situation. Only time I came in the park entrance (kayak event - day I bought the UX)- it went to the smaller lake behind that I was told does not connect to the bigger lakes. So where else is there? I assume the canoes launch somewhere to get to the trails off the main lakes.

Park entrance,
Going east on Sheridan there is an entrance on the south side of the road before the bridge. They have a ramp, restrooms, place to get water and Gatorade, kayak and canoe rentals and plenty of parking, sometimes they have a $1.00 fee to enter the park there. So far I haven’t been in the water in the EFT yet(knocking on wood), it feels a bit more stable than the Isthmus. Keeping it straight is work though.

Bruce has been trying to get me to try an XT, just haven’t gotten together for it yet. If I’m able to maintain by timetable as far as progress I plan to get an ICF K-1 by late summer or early fall next year, an Orion maybe, still have to research that further. So tell me about that big unidentified big fish you encountered at ACK.


It’s all coming back to me…
My last day on the Isthmus…

I’m now going out and pet the “Bou” :wink:

Not really sure what they were. I was heading into the sun - so could not see down into the water at that point. One has huge - fin up shark style as it cruised across my path. Not all to concerned about me paddling by - and big enough that I think I said “what the…” out loud as it broke the surface.

Maybe a big Gar - which I know are in there but fin seemed wrong. Maybe a Carp. Fin was more like that. Reminded me of a Tarpon a bit too - another possiblity since they can handle fresh and I noticed Mullet jumping - but seemed to move differently (I see a lot of Tarpon elsewhere).

It must have been dinner time - their were many at the surface maybe a 1/2 mile from launch. Big day for turtles too. Pretty busy water. When you add in the ducks, some gators could have a nice feed in there.