WTF...275cm paddle for a 10' SOT?

I was in a kayak shop near my house this weekend…they carry a lot of NuCanoe products…I was looking at new paddles.

Dude tried HARD selling me on a 275cm paddle (used for NuCanoes, which are wide as hell). I was like “isn’t that a little too much paddle bro?”

He was like, “naw man, with a 275 you get a lot more, you know, oomph” (some sound he made)

It was all I could do not to laugh out loud. Also, when I told the weird lady running the store I was just browsing, she huffed and said “BROWSING?? YOu should be BUYING!”

Also, they were playing Christian talk radio over the sound system…it was very surreal as the dude was talking about hell and satan and prayer. In a kayak shop.

All around fail.

Stay out of that place!

I’ve seen some standup paddlers use a double blade paddle (like a kayak) that has a rather long overall length… Not saying this was the case in your situation, but you will indeed get more oomph … And get tired very quickly;)

The salesdude asked me what type of kayak I had as I was browsing the paddle selection…a 10-foot Wilderness Systems Tarpon SOT.

He said “oh yeah, that’s pretty wide isn’t it!” and I agreed “I guess”, and then he immediately shuffled me to the NuCanoe section.

I picked up the 275cm paddle to humor him and had a real hard time not laughing…

Just a weird experience.

I didn’t even know anyone even made paddles in 275!

Also, maybe it was exactly the right time for you to hear about hell, satan, and prayer?

Would you send a message…
to your mother with a subject like this ???