WTF with this pop up ad?

Why is there now a "Black Friday " ad that blocks the page?

The “x” to close it is obscured – took me a while to find it. VERY annoying and the damned thing recurs each time I click to another thread.


I haven’t had the problem here, but on other sites.

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Haven’t seen it here either.

It sucks


Keeps popping up on the side but this on a 23" monitor:

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Yes this is very annoying.


I’m on a 15" laptop so it blocks the whole southwest quarter of my screen.


I was getting it too, but it only popped up on one post, and I don’t seem to be getting it now.

Same. Haven’t seen it today so hope it’s gone. I kept having to lower the zoom on my screen so I could see the X to close it.

Nah. It’s still here. I just got it when I opened the home page.

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I got it and couldnt get rid of it, like willowleaf said, the x was hard to find.

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Unless we pay for the site through a membership or subscription, the site does need to make some money (at least to cover costs, but more likely to try to make a profit) and this is done through ads. Part of the trade off we make in order to get access to a free site.

It does appear to be a seasonal one, based around Black Friday. So presumably it will stop running in the next few days.

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I don’t mind the banner ads, and have often clicked on them and patronized the advertisers. But having a post I am typing suddenly blocked from view by a pop up certainly does NOT inspire a favorable reaction from me towards that vendor.


I got it, too, and I hate it. The invisible X is the worst part.

Yeah, I saw the ad. How could any person NOT see it?! But I don’t do Black Friday or other holiday shopping, so quit hiding the X.

I have no problems with adds. It how we learn about products. They sell, we buy. I opened that add and reviewed it, but it wouldn’t go away. Not sure if the design was a strategy or a misstep. We’re just users.

I fully understand that I (we) are the product here and not the customer. The down side for the customer who puts out ads like this one is that it can step over the line that the product finds acceptable and drive the product away from either of both the site and the vendor. A case in point for me is the Alabama river video linked in another recent post. It seemed very well done (leaving out the lack of PFD) and I was enjoying it. However, when the third ad started directly after the two previous long (30sec?) ads the value equation for me went negative & I left the site - likely never to return.

It covers about half of the window that we use for postings and replies. Seriously folks. Kill that SOB. Woever wrote the code for that should be looking for a new job. Is this OK with anyone here?

I had it too, but never did see the “X” so I disabled pop-ups on the page and it went away. Annoying indeed.

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Thank you!

The original poster for that video linked it through TUBITV, an app. The company that produced the video uses YouTube. There is no advertising with it. It can be viewed here.


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