WW boat foot rest...

Is there a name for this, ie. moveable bulkhead?

I am interested in making and installing one in my plastic seakayak.

Has anyone done this before/have any suggestions?



Bulkhead footbrace
If your boat has a solid forward bulkhead, you can add foam on the cockpit side to use it as a footbrace. There’s been lots of discussion about that here.

If you don’t have a forward bulkhead, you could probably make a moveable one using the existing footpegs as attachment points. It wouldn’t be watertight so you’d still need bags for flotation.

Thanks angstram…
I have a front bulkhead that is a good distance beyond my feet. I would like the moveable bulkhead foot brace so that I can adjust it from a comfort setting to a more control setting, or for another paddler.

I’m think about filling in behind the footbrace with some solid foam insulation. I would try moving and adjusting the front bulkhead to gain more front hatch space, but the boat has a metal support tube running the length on the bottom of the boat. It compromises the watertightness of the bulkhead where it passes through them (day hatch and rear compartment. THe tube stops on the cockpit side of the front bulkhead, and is more secure.



Most folks who use a bulkhead footbrace don’t glue the foam in place – they just cut it to be slightly snug. If you use 1" or 2" layers this gives you a lot of adjustability.

Minicel is preferred but can get expensive in quantity. One cheaper option is to use sheathing foam(from a building supply store) for all layers except the one that your feet rest on.