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I am getting sort of interested in something other than flat water rivers. I have tried looking at various sites to find a good, reasonably $$ ww boat that I could use. Seems like thay are all made for lean people. I am 6’3" and weigh 250 lbs. Is there a ww boat out there that would work. I am not all that interested in tricks, just being able to run rapids.

Wavesport Z shows
upto 260lbs… Wavesport Diesel 75 showed 240lbs. Those are my quick thoughts… Hope to see you downstream. Check out Daggers RPM, not sure what their recommended weight is.

Great Big Paddlers Page!

another big boy page:

but this is a bit outdated. The Z as described above is a very good all around boat for the people I know your size that have one. I have a Y, which would also fit you well. The diesel 75 also.

Aside from wavesport, larger folks I know like the Liquid Logic Hoss for all around. The Gus is a bit more of a creeker. The newer version of the Dagger GTX is the GT 8.1 and satisfies all around needs

…Prijon makes the Chopper.


Hi Tinkerbell,

I’m not quite your size (5’10" 210lbs), but I also wanted a wide, stable ww boat. I did some research on cboats.net and came up with the following: decide whether you want a high-volume creeker for pure running (i.e., H3, Y), or a runner/playboat (i.e., Score, SuperEZ).

Tha above advice and the linked pages provide the same answers that I came up with - because I more interested in something with some playability, I’m looking for something like a WS Score, Big/SuperEZ, or a big i3.

But because I’d be C-1ing (kneeling), I don’t want anything too playful, like the S8 or LL Air (both which have been recommended to me) might be.

Good luck, Pat.

so Yarnell you are
going the C1 route… Eh man good for you. Maybe next year we will see you on a river or two. I c1’d for a while but didn’t get into the kayak converstion stuff, just didn’t have the flexibility, attitude or bomb proof roll for being a good aggressive c1 paddler. Good luck…

pyranha 1:4 Large…

The first luck I need is putting together a bit of money to become a C-1er. There a converted boat available locally, if it’s still around, but I spent my money & energy this summer on outfitting a new tandem boat. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to give C-1 a whirl though, so to speak.


Great data. I really appreciate the help that you have all provided. It is nice to get good input without the normal fat comments. From one of the websites listed, I got a really good discussion on boat capacity and displacement. Now I can determine if a boat that I am looking at will work for me based on numbers. Of course, one still has to spend some time in it to truly decide. I have been trying to get a handle on “creeking” vs. other ww venues. I think that I am more interested in a creek boat or river-runner than I am in a playboat. Well, thanx, again for the help. Now I just have to go and find me a boat. Until then, I will just keep punching it out on my T-140. A fun ride, but you are not rolling it. More like bull riding than kayaking if you get it in any moving water. Fun though.

Old Town Penobscot 17
Perfect boat for what you want to do.



kayak reviews
there are a few kayak reviews for larger boats at www.paddling.about.com