ww boat waterlines

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doing a little research and looking at getting into a ww boat.

Question: I was reveiwing the Wave Sport website and looking at the new Diesel. It gives a weight range of up to 240 lbs. That seems like it would make an 8' foot yak sink a little deep in the water.

Are ww boats intended to sit a little deeper in the water? Or is Wave Sport being a little generous with their estimate?

Diesel 75
is the WS’ new river running boat and the one I assume you’re referring to. The D75 has 75 gallon volume which is pretty significant and is intended for river running heavier rapids. The max load of 240 seems reasonable and consistent when you consider that the WS Gozilla, a semi planing hull, has 60 gallons and is targetted as a river runner for a paddler up to 240 lbs also. As another comparison, WS’ new “playboat” (for doing tricks in waves/holes) is the Zero Gravity. The ZG54, the larger version, has 54 gallon volume and is intended for a paddler up to 220 lbs.


thanks for the reply Sing. I too am
watching The Diesel and have added it to my wish list. I only hope one day to actually see a Diesel. This particular list including this boat is for situations involving higher volume rivers or drops when i see my Big EZ not fitting into the scenario. I only have the one boat at the moment but would like a few more and so i can at least dream. My other wish list involves kayak surfing and oh yes, a sea kayak for of course The Sea. Again, good answer, thanks.

Often you should subtract at least 15%
of the claimed top weight for a boat to perform like it was intended. I doubt that the Diesel will perform at its best for a 240 pound paddler. Perhaps the best weight carrier is the Pyranha H3 255. I saw the bigger Diesel next to an H3, and it was obvious which boat was going to sit lighter on the water.

Intended Usage
The Diesel being marketed as a “SUV” of a ww boat means that it was intended to go into the heavier rapids. Not quite a “creek boat” which would be even higher volume. But, if one were intending to take the diesel and use it as a river runner on a class II/III it may have more than sufficient volume for a newer paddler.

Anyway the only way to find out is to go demo one.


SUVs flip over easily, so I’m not sure
what to think. But I reiterate that anyone who actually weighs 240 lbs may find that a boat rated by the manufacturer to carry “up to” 240 pounds is a mediocre performer.

People whose weight is closer to 200 have said that the Diesel is a bit on the creekish side of a general river runner.

I paddled w/a diesel paddler…
He is a very good kayaker who bought this to move up from the longstanding RPM. Its deffintly a riverrunner creeker thing… Its got a lot of volume and a planning type hule like the H3 or similar. The diesel is (i think) smaller than the H3. I think 240 would be maxing it but it would still do OK. Anyways,