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I am not an avid WW boater, more into touring but I am interested in expanding the fleet to include a river runner as there could be some circumstances it would be fun. Absolutely no interest in squirts or rodeo types. Here is the problem. 6’ 5" with size 13. Only 180# so that isn’t the drawback. Anyone out there with some recommendations? I’ve heard of the Pyranha h:3 245 or 255 but not been able to sit in one. Not interested in new.


I think the type of boat you’re looking for is a canoe!

Perhaps not. But unless you’re determined to become a rodeo star in class IV whitewater, paddling class II rapids in a solo canoe might be worth exploring. There’s more room for your feet! Maybe you could even bring a pet.

As far as kayaks go, the h3 255 and other large “creek boats” (with high-volume ends instead of slicey, flat, stubby ends) are probably your best bet.

If you search kayaking websites, or this one, or Google around some, I think you can find some threads/links specifically about large kayaks and large paddlers.


You could also

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go "old school" and pick up an old Perception Dancer XT or its Prijon equivalent. The are fine for river running and should fit your height. Plus they are usually less than $200 when you see them for sale used.

The canoe
option is something that I have thought about lately but not at this time. The roominess has it appeal both for me and gear.

The Dancer is a boat I initally thought of but didn’t know if any were around anymore.

A local shop may have a Pyranha 245 or 255 in their used fleet and they are checking.

I’ll do some searching for a Dancer and see what I can find.

Thanks for the input


If you want a new boat …
have a look at the Jackson Super Hero.


It is a modern design, sturdy, and inexpensive. There are other boats that would work as well but the Super Hero is probably the best buy. If you want a cheap old boat there are also lots of choices and it doesn’t much matter which one you get. You would fit in an Inazone 240, which is a not-so-old river runner with a good history. Or look around for a Riot Grind. Or even better look at:


Nice choice of boat. I have a
Pyranha I series and am impressed by their outfitting and design. For the type of boat you are looking you may wish to consider Wavesport Diesel and Dagger Mamba also. So, you can add those to what seems a growing list of recommended options.

Only Size 13 Feet?

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Well then you shouldn't have a problem :) I've 6'2" with long legs and have size 14/15 feet. My down river / creeking boat is a Wavesport Y.

It's an older displacement hull, but handles really well. I paddled it down the Green River (Utah) at high flows this fall, no sweat. Of course I weigh about 50 pounds more than you. You should be able to pick one up new for $500 - $600, I might even sell you mine as I am test paddling a Wavesport Diesel in two weeks.

Wavesport = good solid boat, great price. I tried several Pyranna's and didn't like the lack of "butt room"
but since you are fairly skinny, they might be better for you. Good Luck! Try before you buy!


I had the chance
today to sit in a H3 245 and can cross that one off the potential list. Maybe! the foam pad could be reshaped and thinned to allow the feet but at factory there was no foot room length wise and I was sitting on my tailbone on the back of the seat.

I did look at the Superhero on line and it looks ok. The link for biothinging.com didn’t go anywhere. I will search out the other suggestions.



Check out these boats.
The Pyranha Stretch large/xlarge, Dagger Mamba, the Liquid Logic Hoss, the Fluid Solo Large, and coming in march the Pyranha Burn. There are also a few other older style boats like the Dagger GT 8.1, the H-3 245(as you mensioned), and the Perception blaze. I also don’t think that having a size 13 foot is that out of the ordinary, so I would really suggest going and sitting in several with someone there that can help fit the boat for you. There are always ways to outfit most boats to make them more comfortable.