WW Boats for Big Feet?

What ww boats might be out there in the used market for a guy 6’3" with size 13’s? (Not me) Are there any known to fit such dimensions? Thanks!

What style?
I’d think that the larger creekboats and river runners should be fine. Playboats might be harder. One caution - serious playboaters can have a skewed notion of what “fit” means, because they expect to suffer a bit for their art.

Jackson does a nice job listing shoe sizes & inseams for their boats – I wish more companies would:


Pyranha burn 255

Creek Boats
Most of the new Creek/River Runner Boats will be fine. I have a Dagger mamba 8.5 and it has lots of foot room. I paddle with several 6’2"+ paddlers. The WS Diesel is another.

Good Luck


Creek Boat
I’m 6’6" and wear 14’s. Like climbing shoes, the play boats are designed for a certain element of suffering but at some point you need to draw a line.

I paddle a Prijon Chopper and it allows me to control the level of suffering quitel nicely.

WW boat for big feet?
They’re called canoes. Try one!


That’s my size
I had a Wave Sport Diesel 75 for a time and found it a very comfortable fit.

I also tested Pyranha H:3 and G:3 and found that I fit readily and comfortably.

Prijon Athlete and Chopper were tight fits on my hips and thighs, but your buddy may want to try them. I carry a lot of my weight in my backside and thighs. If he’s built differently, they may work too.

I was looking specifically for big volume creek or river-runner boats, so can’t help you if you’re looking for a squirt boat.

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But aren’t canoes, unsafe, wet
and tippy and arn’t canoeists like that too. Face it Yarnell, canoeists really want to be like kayakers and wear a skirt. Isn’t that why “canoeists” often paddle “closed canoes”. Come on Yarnell, come out of the closet and admit it, you are a kayaker, that in your heart you want to paddle both sides - try it, you might like it.

Yup. Wear one boat on each foot.


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No way Canaka, I'm too proud to use a training paddle!

Sorry, about the canoe comment davejjj when you're looking for info on a kayak, but somebody had to say it. I thought all the j's might've been for j-stroke.