WW canoe paddle recommendation ?

Looking to replace my Bending Branches “Expedition?” canoe paddle which served well for many yrs. Laminates in blade have separated & been re-wrapped w/ cloth many times but it’s time to upgrade

Looking for a paddle to take along w/ my Zav bent shaft for those sections of rocky raps where my Zav’s out of it’s element

Like a “T” grip & looking for a paddle that’ll stand up to abuse rocks dish out for under $100. No alum shaft/vinyl blades need apply !

Got any recommendations & perhaps an online source ???


Aquabound edge. a little flexy, but tough light and cheap.

Mitchell Premier
Bad ass paddle.

my kid just

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broke his Werner.End of shaft seperated from blade. Good thing we have 4 AB Edges. Guess I'm seconding those on this thread. Doesn't have the power of the Werner, but it's destructproof, real strong on control strokes, bracing, etc...Thick shaft is comfortable. Should be around $75. Curved blade. I swap between an AB and a $110 Werner, Werner for attaining playspots where extra umph is needed, the AB for everything else in my OC-1's

Mitchell premier mentioned above I see on sale for $223. Perhaps openwallet, er boater can kick in the extra $$$ to meet your price requirements :-0 AAAAHHHH (sorry couldn't resist, had fun poling today and still a bit lightheaded)

Canoe paddle …

, or maybe you like the Scout (square tip) ??

I like my Carlisle “beavertail” with the urethane tip guard . It’s light , it’s tough , 8" blade has good power , it’s comfortable (very) , it’s a real good price for having all the things someone wants in a paddle … I’ve held enough paddles to know , my Carlisle is a good as any and better than many .

Everyone who has tried it , loves it , maybe you would too .

I’m a fan of Sawyer Paddles
Sawyer paddles are not as elite as some, but in my estimation, based on the kind of “feel” that I prefer, they are better than the equal-status (and similarly priced) but better-known brand of Bending Branches.

For $20 more than your target price, this paddle is very nice in whitewater:


I’ve beat the crap out of mine on occasion and never felt like I was over-stressing it. It has a really good “bite” in both directions (it’s a big, non-curved blade).

Lotsa good paddles out there, but this is what I use in whitewater and I love it.