WW canoe suggestions

Outrage X might be a bit much,
but any of the boats Pete named would be great river runners. I don’t personally consider any of those play boats. Sure they can play, but they’re more like river runners that are capable of playing than play boats, especially compared to today’s OC1s. It’s unlikely, but if you could get your hands on an Esquif Vertige or Vertige X that would be another great choice. A Grande Ronde multi-day is on my list, but it’s a LONG drive for this Arkie so it’ll be a while. Someday. Happy hunting!

you kids stay off my lawn

it’s just how
attentive you want to be on the pools in between the moving water, imo. regarding the difference between Pete and Bobs list. I’ve got basically two off each list left after giving away a bunch, and for the cl. 1-cl. 2 stuff I’ve been doing lately I’m back in my flat bottomed Reflection 15, due to comfort, adaptability for poling, as well as I can surf it when so inclined. Quite edgy in eddies and doesn’t side surf very well, but much easier on the out all day runs in mellow ww compared to the Encore or Pirana.

my two cents
Millbrook Boats also offers composite canoe. Perhaps the quality isn’t quite there but the price certainly is.


where does this hull
fit into the mix ?


Love to have a Millbrook …
What would be the best tripping boat - maybe a Souhegan?


Personally, I’d like a Shacho (someday…)


You made paddling the Blink look easy, but I’m not sure that I’m ready for a boat that short



Great boats and the price is right.

Never paddled it
but it looks like a nice boat - looks like a Magic?

Wenonah Wilderness

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I've never paddled one.
But I paddled beside one for four days on the Upper Delaware.
It seemed to handle the Class II rapids nicely. I don't recall much bailing going on. So I'll guess it's relatively dry.
It could not keep up with Spirit Bob's touring kayak or my Swift Osprey. That may have been at least partly due to Gary F's drift and shoot photography techniques.
We were all carrying gear and food for the trip. The Wilderness seemed to have plenty of room.