WW canoe suggestions

Looking for suggestions of WW canoe models that would be good choices for a bigger paddler (I’m 240).

Looking for solo, good for class 1/2. I know the Mad River Outrage X fits the description; would appreciate hearing about any others. Want to narrow my field as I’m scanning the used boat adds.

the Outrage is for the Overkill


see the curved bottom ? never get down the pools with that rocker: glued to the bottom. forever.

The O is more continuous class 3+

The R will paddle pools if pools are flowing…a moving water canoe http://goo.gl/o2wdLU

there is a page of video on Wenonah canoes.

The Wenonah Solo plus ( have both ) canoes up to 3 gracefully and down pools. 1 and 2 are a snap. Wheeeee !

You can stretch out feet on gunwales n float on the Solo, not normally doable on the R which is tippy. My first brace on my R preceded a mile swim.


Paddled the Rio first paddle with my Solo last fall at 500 CFS…weenie water…warm…quiet…a 1/2 every 3/4 miles for 60 miles of wilderness n the occasional bandito.


Penobscot 17 out of Royalex
find a used one.

Mount a foam pedastel seat in the center and you are good to go in I-II

Jack l

Buy used…
If at all possible; test paddle before you buy.

Some suggested canoes that can handle class 1 @ 2, can handle your weight, and won’t leave you broke:

Several of those listed below are on pnet classifieds.

You did not give your location; so no gurantee they are close to you…

Wenonah Rendezvous

Old Town Discovery 158

Old Town Pathfinder 14’10"

Mad River Legend 15

Mad River Malecite

Old Town Camper 15 or 16

Mad River Exlorer 15

Mohawk Odyessy XL 15

Good luck,


Outrage X is not overkill

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Not if you are looking for a whitewater solo. If you can find one, buy it. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of them around. The boats I see for sale most often are the Dagger Encore and Impulse, and the Mohawk Probe and XL. Personally, I paddle an Encore and love it. A lot of guys are now going with the Blackfly Octane 91, but they are buying them new. What you buy will depend on what you can find. There is a good listing of OC1’s at cboats:


You can use just about any boat to run class I/II, but the Rendezvous is more of a river runner, and the Penobscot and the boats on Bob's list are too big to be whitewater solos (in my opinion).

How much whitewater?
How much whitewater is the poster “really” going to be paddling? Probably not much I think.

Class 1 & 2 could easily be deal with by any boat I listed. I was more concerned about the paddler’s weight than boat length or maneuverability; especially if the paddler is going to be doing overnight, or multi overnight trips, and hauling a load of gear.

Most certainly an Outrage X can handle his weight & easily handle up to & including some class 4. Am sure of that; I paddled one for best part of 4 years, before switching to a Mohawk Probe 12 II.

Information from the original poster was vague at best, but if he’s looking for a “real” whitewater solo; I could make a list of at least 20 of the 12 to 13 foot whitewater solos.

Would love to see a 240 pounder paddling a Probe 12 II, or an Outrage.


I guess he will have to clarify…
The boats you mentioned can certainly handle class I/II, but to me they are not whitewater solos like an Outrage X. If he is looking for a tripping boat or more of a river runner, that is different. I’m 225 and I’ve paddle a Probe 12 with no problem. I agree that he is probably too big for an Outrage, but he mentioned an Outrage X - he should be fine with that if he can find one. At least around here you rarely see a whitewater solo for sale, and when you do it gets scoffed up pretty quick. He’ll have to buy what he can find.

Just saw a 16’ Penobscot for sale
They wanted $1,300, and it lasted a day - yikes.

Royalex boats are getting expensive.

some other options

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If you can find any of the following:

Dagger Genesis
Dagger Caper
Dagger or Mad River Caption
Bell Prodigy X
Blue Hole or Evergreen Sunburst II
Whitesell Piranha or Descender
Mohawk XL 13 or XL 14
Old Town H2Pro
Mohawk Probe 13 or Probe 14
Esquif Vertige X


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Here's an outfitted and ready to go Piranha. http://forums.arkansascanoeclub.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=28832 It's in Dallas. Not sure where you are. I'll leave it to others to determine whether that's a fair price. A friend of mine owns a paddling shop and just got in a Dagger Genesis that made me drool. It looks brand new because it's only been in the water twice. I'm not exaggerating. It literally looks like it just came off the truck and is completely outfitted and ready to paddle. He's asking $1200 if he still has it. I know several guys who've been drooling over it.

Where are you located and are you ready to pull the trigger? There will be a lot of coming and going all over the country this week/weekend for paddling events and you might have a golden opportunity to have a boat delivered if you act fast.

WW canoes
Not really ready to pull the trigger; just gathering info for when I am. Really appreciate the feedback, everybody.

I was interested
but now that I know, they’re going to have to clean all that drool off of it! :wink:

No SP, the drool
only increases the value!

Mohawk Probes

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The boat originally sold by Mohawk Canoe called the Probe 12 was actually 12' 8" in overall length so closer to a 13 footer. It was called the Probe 12 (I suspect) because at the time it was introduced 13 foot canoes were becoming passe.

Mohawk later confused the issue by introducing a smaller Probe that was 12' 2" in OAL and called it the Probe 12 II.

Not satisfied with the degree of confusion they had created, Mohawk later renamed the Probe 12 II the Probe 12 and the renamed the original Probe 12 the Probe 13.

So some Mohawk Canoes that say "Probe 12" on the side are 12' 2" in length and some are 12' 8" in length. Some Probes that are 12' 8" in length say "Probe 12" on the side and others say "Probe 13". Those Probes that are 12' 2" in length may say "Probe 12 II" or "Probe 12".

The Probe 12 II might be a bit on the small side for a 240 lb paddler but the original Probe 12 (later called the Probe 13) would probably do fine. The Probe 14 might possibly be a better choice still, depending on the paddler's intended use.

big question is

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do you want to run the river, or do you want to play? Cl. 1-2, nearly anything will do imo. TheBobs list seems more like running boats, while Petes seem more play oriented.

what was I thinking?!

You know open boaters drool a lot what with the knuckle dragging and mouth breathing and such.

running vs. playing
Definitely more interested in running the river. John Day, Grande Ronde… multiday trips on class 2 water are the limit of what I’ll be doing.

People run the class 2 sections of both in recreational tandems all the time. Wind may be the biggest problem going solo in one, but with a tripping load it won’t be as bad. Just get something that isn’t flat bottomed or having a protruding keel. A little rocker will help, but isn’t mandatory.

OK - Outrage is overkill
Datakoll is right - that would be painful on the flats, as would the other whitewater boats mentioned by me or Peter. Bob’s list is good, and there are some other solo river runners in royalex that can handle class II:

Bell Wildfire/Yellowstone Solo

Wenonah Argosy

Mad River Guide/Freedom Solo

Mohawk Odyssey

Mohawk Solo 14

I’m a little smaller than you (225 lbs.) and have paddled my Yellowstone Solo with gear, but it would be a wet ride in long wave trains. There are also a bunch of composite boats in the 14 to 15 foot range (Hemlock, Swift, Colden) that would be nice.