WW in a rec yak

I am wondering if anyone has ever tried a OT Rush in whitewater or fast moving rivers. I have a couple rec kayaks and would like to try the small Rush on the uppper Hudson some day.

But nobody from p.net was there, so it must not have happened.

Seriously though, yes, it can be done…

Longshadow & Northman have witnessed me in classII & open seas in a rec-boat. Although, they are not supposed to be able to do those types of things, they can.

Paddle easy,


pretty sure “upper hudson” is class III
Don’t know how that changes the answer. Rec kayaks aren’t my thing.

My wife and I use our Keowees
(with skirts) in the Nantahala lots of times.



Depends a lot on…
River Levels & what you expect to do with the kayak.

My first experience with the Hudson Gorge was at 11’ on the guage. This meant me following the lines of a Whitewater Challengers raft guide I had befriended, with my little playboat, down through the narrows, watching the raft disappear into the wave crests. The line from Jaws ran through my head, “We need a bigger boat.”

Performance wise your OT will not behave as a whitewater kayak. It wasn’t designed to. Experience wise, take a whitewater class and guaranteed, you will never view water the same way again.

Avoid the following rapids;

Otter Slide on the Indian River (lead in)

God Sucker

Soup Strainer

Bus Stop

All will probably = un-fun in an OT Rush

If you do insist on doing the Hudson it’d probably be best to do it in the Summer at low levels. Not now with the monsoons upon us. Also keep in mind it is a 17 mile run with no easy out other than extremely long hikes through mountainous terrain. Lastly, if you do decide to run it please do the following; leave a float plan, wear a properly fitted pfd, wear a good helmet, install bow/stern float bags, bring a spare paddle, don’t wear cotton, bring a spare set of clothes in a drybag and bring a lunch and plenty to drink.

OK enough of me being a worry wort.

Have fun, be safe and see you on the water,



Thanks All
I was on the river with ARO on Sturday. The river was 6’ and we had a blast. I take the raft trip a couple times a year. I don’t plan to attempt the upper part from the Indian River. I was just wondering if there were any bad tendancies of the yak that would preclude it from some of the easier stuff. I do plan on a ww class.