WW kayak for big feet, long legs?

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Greetings--I am asking for suggestions on a used WW boat that will be a comfortable river runner. I'm 200 lbs., 6', long legs, size 12 feet. Intermediate boat. Nothing fancy required at this stage, river running/creeking. I've tried the Dagger RPM, Perception SuperSport, and Blaze. All tight. I know I want the boat to be snug, but on stretches between rapids, I would like to have room enough to ease the lotus position. I live in Chincoteague, VA, next to Assateague Island, and will also use it for some oceanside surfing. Any suggestions on what boats? I know a demo day would be great, but I'm in the tourist industry down here, and days off are about to get mighty scarce, so a nudge in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks.

Has to do with the shape of the bow
as much as with the volume. I am taller and heavier than you and have a Corsica and an Animas. The Corsica foot position leaves the weight of my legs on a small point of my heel. The Animas allows my feet to relax and rest on the entire outside edge of the foot.

You’re just going to have to try a lot of used boats until you find one where you’re “locked in” when you want to be, but also comfortable when you want to relax. This sort of comfort is NOT a design goal of the designers, even less so in today’s playboats and semi-play river runners.

I would suggest that you try on a Dagger GT. I am guessing that it may allow you to splay your feet when relaxing.

what about

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Based on your size and the type of boats you demo'd what about; Necky Jive or its larger version, also Wavesport Z, Wavesport Super EZ, Dagger Redline, Dagger Outlaw, Eskimo Xeno, Riot Booster, Bliss Stick - Flip Stick. I am not sure about your foot size in any of the above.

You might also want to ask your same question on Boatertalk which is more white water orientated.

How did you like the Blaze? I like the look of it.

Try One Of The “Throwbacks"
if you’re thinking just river running and surfing. I would get one of the semi planing, or early planing hulls, rather the full displacement. Gives the “best” of both worlds - volume/room of the older displacement boats but the somewhat flatter hull of the newer boats that allow you to surf better. Someone mentioned the Animas. That’s a semi planing that will fit a BIG person. I just got a Wavesport Gozilla as a guest boat for bigger folks. It has a semi planing hull and a fairly deep bow area. It’s just plain huge.

The good thing about getting one of the “throwbacks” is how inexpensive a used one can be bought for. I got the Godzilla for a $100 and the seller dumped in the skirt (good condition) for another $20.

Some of the (bigger) throwbacks to look at would include (but not limited to): New Wave (?Cruiser), Perception Whiplash, Prijon Hurricane and Athlete, WS Godzilla, Riot Hammer, Necky Jive 8’10”, Dagger RPM Max, something in the Eskimo series (tend to be longer boats), etc.

Got to these sites and look through the boat specs:




Pyranha H-3
the H-3 255 is a very good big guy w/w boat. Very well made and should have enough room for you.