ww neoprene skirt size

I have a retro perception Dancer and New wave Sleek. Need to get a neoprene skirt that will fit both ( ideally). Kinda measures in between Small and Medium deck size with Drylander shock cord skirt sizing. Needed for class 2 water as my Dagger Showdown is too cramped now and I rarely do any ww anymore. I’m not bigger just don’t fold down the same.

Thanx, any ideas, old sizing charts?



Immersion Research launched this awhile ago. Good resource.

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The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY



Kayak skirt
Thanx Marshall,looks close but better the S for the Dancer than M (Sleek ) since I d get more use out of the Dancer. Great website!

won’t fit both
According to Skirtfit your Dancer coaming is 29.5" long and the Sleek is 34" (both same width: 18"). A difference of 4.5" is too much to expect one neoprene ww skirt to accommodate. You could use a nylon touring skirt that fits the Sleek snugly – but the skirt deck might be slack when tightened down on the Dancer due to the excess length, which will lead to pooling over your lap (which is pretty annoying), and possible implosion.

Here is a question…
Do you need a neo skirt for the Dancer, given your usual use? Might be doable if you go nylon for the Dancer and worry about neo for the other boat.