I am an intermediate WW paddler who is looking for a solid OC1. I know what I want, but I just wanted to know why I can’t find Dagger OC1s anywhere? Are they discontinued?

Dagger WW canoe
It is my understanding that Dagger discontinued their WW canoe production years ago and focused on their WW kayak sales. Following the market I suppose.

Best bet, if you are determined to paddle a Dagger OC1, is to keep your eyes open for a used boat…

Certain Dagger models are made by
Bell, and I believe Mad River has the mold for the Caption (this latter being an OC-2 which works for OC=1).

The hot OC=1 company right now is Esquif. They have such a variety of interesting designs that you’ll need to compare very carefully before choosing. Can’t think of an Esquif that is a “dog,” but some require more skill to paddle than others. If you are light, definitely look at the Spark. I’m looking hard at the Zephyr, a very light 11 footer made in Twin Tex, a very tough blend of polypropylene resin and polypropylene cloth.

I encourage you to look at millbrookboats.com. Kaz, the owner-builder, has also been a national open boat slalom champion. He can supply a Dagger Rival in strong glass/Kevlar weighing about 28 pounds. He designed the original for the Esquif Spark, and he’s also an Esquif dealer if you happen to be in the NH area.

Bell or Esquif
Bell makes the Ocoee, having licensed the mold from Dagger. Check out the Esquif boats, too.


Mohawk is also back
and Mad River is still making the Outrage (one of the best WW canoes available, IMHO).

Dagger’s been Confluenced
They don’t make canoes at all any more.

Bell sells the Ocoee as well as the Prodigy. I’ve heard good things about the Prodigy. Mad River sells the Caption as well as their Outrages.

Esquif has more WW OC1’s than anybody these days.

I like the Detonator and the Taureau personaly.

Kaz (Milbrook) will make you a Rival in Kevlar. I’d go with his Rhumba if I was leaning to Kevlar. That’s a sweet boat!


Webpage featuring Dagger’s discontinued canoe models:


Good source of info on OC1s is cboats:


For used boats keep an eye on local and national message boards. There are still some good used Daggers on the market. Post some “want to buy” messages on the message boards and you should get some responses.

is back in production again. They have some good OC1’s. I have a Shaman and a Probe 12. Hemlock Canoes makes the Shaman in composite also.

I checked the new Mohawk site, and
didn’t see anything about my favorites, the Vipers and the Shaman. Did I miss a link?

Western/Clipper makes composite Viper 12s and 11s.

It puzzles me that Hemlock’s Shaman comes out around 36 pounds. All of Millbrook’s similar boats are closer to 28. Can’t be just the seats…

Curtis produces a very strong layup.

I’ll have to check the Mohawk site again.

mohawk website

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scroll down about halfway and you'll find the Shaman and Viper.
Dang, let my son take my Dagger Encore yesterday. Looks like I won't be playing in the rock gardens as easily, but my ankles feel better, and I gotta get more poling time in anyways.;-)
Also recommend looking used. Picked up the Encore for $200 outfitted with nylon bags/perception saddle. We're picking up a Whitesell Pyranha for $100 that needs outfitting, but I have spare bags and a real good lead on an unused 20 year old perception saddle.

Kaz builds race boats. Lighter is faster.


update on used canoes
Just picked up the Whitesell pyrhana I mentioned above. seller gave me $10 back, got the boat for $90. 3 sets of kneepads, airbag netting and an unused saddle. My sons washing the canoes right now, he’s real excited. I think with 99% of whitewater folks into those closed boats that the former canoeing folks are just happy somebody is going to put their canoe back in the water. this is what the last two sellers have said to me anyway, and 2 decent whitewater boats for $290 makes me not worry about “that first scratch.” :wink:

depends on which
Dagger model you’re looking for…

I know about a ‘like new’ Phantom, a beaten Rival,

a good used Encore,

used Captions seem to be in good supply.

And if you tell us what model you’ve set your eyes on, someone might lead you to a used or a comparable hull from some other manufacturer…