WW paddle choices [Lendal or AT]

Been playing on the river and play parks with friends paddles. They are all too long and I am tired of getting wrist/shoulder pain. So its time to get me a paddle. I was debating between a AT3 edge ($250) and Lendal Fusion ($360). Bought will be in the 191cm range …have any of you paddled either one. I would go with the AT based on price …but darn it … Lendal shafts seem to be smaller (I have small hands) and blade size is smaller too … which would be good. I can’t demo them (bummer) …so any advice is greatly appreciated.


Why those two?
Werner has a small-shaft option for most of their paddles. Mitchell will build any blade/shaft combination from their line for a reasonable price.

Plus Werner Will Do Custom Offset
if you so choose.


you are right …
the AT paddle because I can get it locally (no demo in my size though) and the Lendal because I always hear good things about it and the option to customize blades and offset.

Not too big a fan of Werner blades or their version of the bent shaft. I can’t find anything in the Mitchell range that I seem to like (any recommendations?).

So what about the lendal …how is its shaft and how are the fusion blades to work with. And the AT is it really about the same for a 100 or so bucks less?


I Am Not The Right Person To Ask…

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don't have an AT or Lendal, and probably never will. Can't see spending over $200 for a ww or surf paddle that I constantly beat up. Most important thing to me is length, blade size (fairly big) follow by offset (prefer 30 and under).


The cool thing with Lendal
is the switchability. Get a shaft with SwitchLock and you can vary the angle and switch out blades.

I just bought an H20 paddle…

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I have a carbon Werner Sidekick as well as a carbon Aquabound Shred both 194 cm and zero degree offset. I have pretty bad tennis elbow from my tennis days that flare up when playboat so I've been using hte Aquabound more these days since it has more flex. With that said, I tried out an H20 bent shaft paddle at a demo day a few weeks back and just recently ordered one of their H20-Team paddles (~$335) in a 191 cm, zero degree configuration. The bent shaft is one of the most comfortable ones I've tried (in general I'm more of a fan of straight shafts), the Santoprene hand grips were awesome, and the blades were really responsive with the right amount of flex. They also offer a smaller shaft version. Check them out at www.h2opaddles.com (Yes, they're ugly as heck.)

I've also spent lots of time with the AT paddles which are nice but they have a different feel. They are some of the slickest blades though in terms of how they feel in the water. As for Lendal, I'm a Lendal hater as I think their blades aren't that great and they are successful primarily because of their brilliant lengthlock system.

Lendal Girl
I am a Lendal girl so that is what I would recomend. Although I am not a true WW paddler but just dable when I get the chance. I have a varilock shaft but wouldn’t use it for white water. WW shafts are usually a bit beefier than a sea kayak shaft and they are nicely double indexed which is an added plus. The Lendal shaft is a bit smaller than the standard Werner but a bit bigger than Werner’s small shaft. Just feels right to me.

The benefit to the Lendal system is that you can swap blades and it is a 4 piece breakdown system for traveling. I use the same blade for surf as I do for WW - the Mystic but figure that for WW there might be better options if I spent more time doing it.



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i've never used a lendal, but used an AT3 for almost 6 full seasons of heavy use creeking before she broke. I replaced with a werner, which i like for its strength (AT's have somewhat of a reputation for breaking easier), but i think the AT has a bit of a better "feel".

I think AT makes a sweet ww blade
Personally the carbon blade is about the best ww blade i’ve used. I like the idea of the werner for cost, but the feel of the AT is pretty sweet. Haven’t tried the small shaft so can’t speak for it.

As for Lendal. I use the XTI 4 piece carbon crank which has worked well for me surfing. But… it is heavy as lead-snot, and I am thinking of switching to a straight shaft werner player 4-piece.

Not only that…
but if you buy into the paddlokk system you can buy a longer shaft and use your WW blades for a good sea paddle. You will be grateful for the paddlokk when you use air travel. They make life much less complicated and less expensive.

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Hmm… Does Werner Know That? :wink:

How do you like the Werner Player?
I am thinking of getting a glass four piece?

Any concerns criticisms of that one?

Werner Player
I have the straight shaft, small loom, glass version. It’s a nice paddle. Pretty tough in taking the rock bashing. Can’t comment on the 4 piece.

I’ve used my Big Spoon carbon in white water. It’s a heavy lay up. Actually like it better because it’s got big honkin’ blades.


Player is great!
It’s a solid all around blade with good power. I haven’t seen Werner’s 4-piece paddles but the standard 1-piece Player is a classic.

I use the AT3 Edge
I bought two, thinking one would eventually wear out or break (they were blems on sale). It has been over 6 years now and the second paddle is still unused. I have tried other paddles but I much prefer the shape and design of the AT3. But a paddle is a very personal thing and you can only know for sure by using one for a while. I have not tried a Lendal, although I have admired them on their website (while staying at a Holiday Inn Express).