WW paddle ok in surf

i’ve been using my Whitewater paddle in the Surf with my touring kayak. seems to work really good - and the shorter length - 202 cm is easier to deal with , turn, etc. -

what length of paddle makes most sense and why in these conditions… -

does anyone even use longer than 230 any more?

Shorter = Better

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all you need is to quickly accelerate with 4-6 strokes (if you're in the right place) and then the paddle is used in ruddering. Too long of a paddle slows down the cadence in paddling, offers too much drag (if you're not attentive) and also can get caught when ruddering on the inside into a steep wave face.

Even the taller surf paddlers I know, 6' plus, are using not more than 192-4 cm. Some even shorter. (Of course, I am assuming you're talking about surfing a short boat.)

Being shorter, I generally use either a 180 or 185 cm. Likely will be experimenting later this summer with a 170-5 cm.

Oops. Last time I was out with a long boat in surf, I was using a 191 cm.


depends on a lot
if i am int he long boat and got for a paddle and happen to find myself a sweet spot then i use the 215…

but if i am planning on going to the beach for surfing i will bring my 194cm seven2…and i am currently testing out a Jackson Kayaks kids paddle for use inthe surf…it is a 185cm…so far i love it…nice and light…and just as durable as a ‘adult’ paddle…fun too…when youare surfing you should only be using one balde at a time-so you can get away with a short paddle (i.e. sings 170 or so)…i know of a couple of guys using shorter than that too…155cm…


200 - 205 great for…
double duty length for the Sea Kayak in surf… Short enough to not get in the way while hanging out of the boat, but o.k length to move from point A to surf.