ww paddlers in alabama

Anyone, anyone? Bueller?

If I decided to give river running a try sometime this year, where would I go for instruction, gear, what rivers in N. Alabama?

I am clueless when it comes to ww paddling.


This is the place for you!


WW Boat for sale?
Redmond, at least at one time recently, was selling a WW boat for a friend. I can’t remember the make and model. You may want to check with him and see if it’s still available or even if it’s a model suitable to you. If you’re interested it’s definitely something you should try as you are within an hour of some of the best creeks in the state.

Join the canoe club
I wrote my check yesterday and plan to try some of the easier class I and class II trips this year.





(more will be coming)



I probably won’t go beyond class II, but there are several guys that do in the club. They have already done a couple of trips to Little River this year. I think starting with class I and II will give you a decent feel for it and redmond has a couple of boats that can handle the milder whitewater if you want to try a more maneuverable kayak. Other guys in the club may have extra boats too.

Gear: I think the bass pro shop in G’ville has some stuff. Gander Mountain in Huntsville has several boats, Alabama Small Boats south of B’ham, and numerous other “outfitters” in the area.

Rivers: check the trip schedule above which has the ww class and trip reports.

Instruction: The guys in the club that used to be clueless.



Guntersville Outfitters
Duh…I forgot all about Guntersville Outfitters. They stock at least a couple of models of Necky whitewater boats…

Terrapin Outdoor Center
In Piedmont (near Centre) 256-447-6666 has more kayaks for sale than anyone I have ever seen and the cheapest prices.

Ask for Don or Mike. They should be able to help you.

Alabama Cup Races
Check out Birmingham Canoe Club and the Alabama Cup Race series - lots of WW paddlers hanging out at the Locust Fork and Mulberry. First race in 2 weeks on the Locust Fork…

There’s usually gear for sale, some vendors, lots of folks to meet.

Alabama Small Boats in Helena is tops in the northern part of the state. Southern Trails in Montgomery or Auburn. Southern Trails in Auburn is also the place to go to get hooked up with some of the best regularly scheduled instruction in the state (taking place on the Coosa) - Greg at Southern Outdoor Center.

Coosa (class II+/III) is good playboating if the drought ever goes away. Little River Canyon is Class IV - stay off until you know what you are doing. Locust is class III, Mulberry is II+/III.

Rockcreek in Chattanooga has WW boats.