WW skirt for big boys

-- Last Updated: Jul-19-07 7:09 PM EST --

So I just got my first WW boat.. a Liquid Logic Hoss. Fits great, but now my trouble is finding a decent sprayskirt that will accept my large 40" waist size (plus a bit of gut).

I first tried a NRS rawhide skirt, however, unless I want to kayak naked, there is no way it's going to work. When they say 40", it's definitely 40" on the dot at the waist, with no room for clothes. Do any of you have suggestions of NORMALLY stocked WW skirts that will fit a 40" waist + layers of clothing?

FYI: My current touring spray-skirt is a snapdragon glacier trek with large (40"->50") tube. I know snapdragon has a standard XXL ww skirt, but it too only goes up to 40". Not sure if would fit differently than the NRS rawhide.

What I want to avoid is waiting a month or more to custom order a skirt. I'm anxious to get the boat out on the water before the season comes to a close.


Mountain Surf
I have the Mountain Surf G Skirt in XXL and it will more then likely work for you. I have busted my butt and lost about 33lbs and I think I am getting ready to have to replace it. I have dropped a few belt loops and need to go to a XL :slight_smile:

Don’t forget that you do want and need it to be tight. Afterall, it is keeping water out.

Good Luck,