WW solo air bags

Stealing from the thread on en electric bailing system, how much air bag do people have?

Tommy, The bags in my Outrage, when filled, appear to be about 49-50" (allowing for them not quite reaching the tip of the boat inside). They came with the boat and I’m not sure what size they’re marketed as (54"?). That leaves my “cockpit” at about 37-38", pretty much exactly at the factory thwarts.

I’d like to get larger bags, at least for the bow. And maybe put on a larger deck plate.

How big are peoples’ floatation? And, how do the marketed sizings measure in the real world, when inflated?

Thanks, Pat.

I have been using 30" Voyageur Nylon
end bags in a 15’ Mad River Synergy, which also has a triple saddle. I think the boat has been flipped or swamped only once or twice in six years of use, and it was easy enough to rescue with the present flotation. I have 48" bags which I would put in if I were going to run anything like the Ocoee or Chattooga 4.


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I believe I have the Voyager 60" nylon bags in my 12' Outrage. They go tight into the ends and under the thwarts a bit towards the center.
When I bought the boat it had the same size vinyl bags. They were HEAVY!
As I mentioned in the electric bailer thread, when the boat is swamped, the bags lift enough so that I can easily slide my hand under them. My bag cages are similar to the Mike Yee setup that Eric shows on his website except that I don't have the webbing strap.
I'm wondering if adding that strap will hold the bags down and displace more water. Paddling swamped it sure FEELS like there's 100 gallons of water in there.;-o

How do you

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protect the bags from getting cut? I have foot braces mounted on a piece of aluminum angle. If I decide to trim bow down I will need them way out front in my Merlin. My Merlin is a flat water boat(home built) but when you are out alone a little extra floatation would be welcome. I just want a simple way to wrap the brace and was wondering what little bit of elegance others have come up with besides Canoe tape.

WW solo air bags
Voyageur 60" bow and stern in 16’ Mad River Explorer. I’d be uncomfortable with less. With the pair, doing a deep water solo recovery is pretty iffy.



mine be 54"

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Thanks Tommy, If yours come under the thwarts of your Outrage much, my bags must be 54" (though inflated they seem to measure about 50"). I should get some 60s. My "cockpit space" measured about 37-38" (yet my bags are tied down well enough, and just with lacing, that they don't float up, so I don't feel like I'm lugging "100 gallons"). How much room between your end bags?


How long is 60"
As Eric is going to check on his (Eric, what kind of OC-1 are these in?), how long do your ‘60"’ end bags measure when inflated and in the boat?


Two shots of my Outrage.



Thanks Tommy

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I'll try to post some similar pics of my boat. I suspect your bags are a little bigger (assuming our factory thwarts are in the same place, it does appear that your gunwales have a little bend in the bow-end that mine doesn't? Maybe it's just the photo.) Do you know that those bags were sold as 60"s? They certainly look well caged - it doesn't look like water should slosh around. Maybe just tighten your lacing?


Mohawk 60 = 51
According to Mohawk’s chart linked to https://mohawkcanoes.com/accessories.htm

Their 3D end bags that are labelled ‘60"’ actually measure around 51" when inflated, so maybe I do have ‘60"’ bags and will get a ‘72’" (actually 64").

My guess is that for most bags, they inflate to 6-8" less then they are named. I wish all manufacturers made this info available and less confusing.


photos of Outrage
Put some photos of the bags in my Outrage at:


Cheers, Pat.

Thanks Pat. Your bags look to occupy the same space as mine.

The thread over on C boats has me thinking that rolling up with the boat half full is more the norm and my extreme sogginess is unusual. Now I’m wondering if it might be a technique thing. Oh well, back to the pond.

half empty
Hi Tommy,

I agree our boats appear similar. It could be technique, or lacing your bags a bit tighter, but they looked pretty good.

It could also be the limitations of Internet advice - what feels like “sloshing” to you may feel normal to somebody else. Or, if two folks roll the same boat, one might describe it as half-full, the other as half-empty.

I’ve never really taken good looks at the variation of the amount of water after rolling. But I don’t recall feeling swamped-to-the-gunwales. If you really are full-to-the-brim, I guess messing around with technique is probably the thing to do.

Cheers, Pat.

couldn’t spill
On the river today I checked how full my boat gets after a roll. It was about half way up my thighs, or about half way up the sides of my boat. “Just over the kness” would’ve been less water. But it wasn’t fully swamped either.

It seemed to be about the equilibrium point where I couldn’t spill water over the gunwales. But if I were full right the rim, after some big waves or a surf, I guess I could tilt (and/or “shovel”)or roll to spill water.


Too Cold to want to Roll
Here in New England it’s cold enough that I’m focused on staying right side to. I know, wimpy wimpy.

I’ll work on my technique in the pool, decked boats only, and try the OC1 roll again in the (late) spring.

Ah it’s good to have goals in life!