WW sprayskirt

looking for good and inexpensive. So far I like the NRS Drylander and Wildwasser Supra. Boat is a Dagger Outburst 34x19 and I need a Medium tunnel

Lots of skirts will work just fine
You have a standard cockpit size and a common tunnel size. There is not much difference between neoprene WW skirts. It more important whether you can get it on easily, get it off easily, and it doesn’t leak excessively. I prefer Snapdragon but don’t have a good reason except that I have never had a problem with about a dozen skirts.

I disagree…

…there are a lot of crappy WW neo skirts out there.

fit, quality of worksmanship, materials. What?

WW skirts are the only thing in the world not affected by these issues?

A cheap on will implode on you when you need it.

Mountain surf and Snapdragon are the best. I have

one of the wildwasser skirts and it too is very


So, for example?

recommend snapdragon as well

Lots of skirts will do for a start, but
when you get to rolling and playing a lot, then you may find you want something better.

If possible, go to a dealer carrying several brands and try them out on the boat. I got a really nice Snapdragon for $50 at a Nantahala Outdoor Center sale, and I got a Harmony for about $60. Both replaced skirts I had bought earlier… One of the older skirts was almost impossible to get on the rim without assistance of a committee, and the other older skirt had a slightly loose rand that leaked at the sides.

Seals skirts
top of the pops dad

Harmony seems to have dropped in…

…quality a lot in the last few years.

Snapdragon basic
Had a Mountain Surf with the kevlar weave. Gave me a sprained thumb. It took too much to get it on!

Bought the snapdragon basic - it’s easy to get on and very dry. Inexpensive, too… great value.

Don’t do “inexpensive” when it comes
to ww sprayskirts. I empathize and try to save bucks as much as possible, myself. But when it comes to things like skirts or drywear (as I’m in very cold water a lot)I grudgingly pony-up the extra bucks. One NEW high quality neo skirt shouldn’t need replacement anytime soon. So go the extra mile from the start. Save up and get something you REALLY want, something your life might (even remotely) depend on, and you won’t have to worry bout coming up short downriver.

(Now I’m sure somebody will write not to pay any attention to this, and that you should just get a $40/$50 skirt.) All that said, I like the NRS Rubber Rand. No implosions to date.

It was a leaky Seals I replaced with a
Harmony. Not dissing Seals, they surely have improved along with others.

Just sayin’…