WW Tandem Canoe Selection

I got into the canoe thing recently instead of purchasing a SOT. The rationale was to be able take my children with me. I purchased a MT 14TT and for the most part I’m happy with it. It works well for here in San Antonio as we don’t have much WW. I did recently take it to the lower Guad when the dam was releasing. We had a blast in mostly class II’s but one class III. With the exception of one rapid we made it through each one but took on soooooo much water over the sideguwales that we had to get out at least 10 times. It’s a great boat for myself and a kid but, when I put two men in it it just didn’t work. It was a test boat to see if I want to do the canoe thing instead of the SOT.

I love the attitude, the feel, and the art to this style of craft. I’m ready to invest a little more. I’m thinking about a WW tandem - 16 ft. I’ll rig it w/bags and mostly paddle it solo but, have the option to do some river tripping with either another adult or kids.

I’ve been considering a Wenonah Rogue 16 or a Supernova 16. Any suggestions? I won’t do much flatwater or lake stuff so a high volume rockered boat won’t bother me.

Thanks and God Bless. Dwayne

Those are good choices, but you should
peruse the Esquif offerings. They have boats ranging from WW cruisers to radical playboats. You may not need as much as a 16 foot boat. Be sure to look hard at boats a little shorter.

Dumoine - Canyon?
After I looked a little deeper into the Novacraft boat I realized it is a dedicated solo. The Dumoine Canyon is a contender though. It’s very similar to the Rogue. I think I’d like a 16’ boat. The MR 14TT is a little over 14 and I do feel cramped in it occasionally. I really like the traditional look of a boat like the old Old Town Cascade with the high swept bow and stern. I’d also like to go with nice wood gunwales. The Esquif boats are probably a little more serious than i need to get. I like paddling seated in all but the most serious ww.

Any other recomendations for boats to look at? Thanks!

Dagger Dimension
If you can find one. It’s a BIG white water playboat. Turns well and it’s pretty forgiving.

Best of all it’s got the volume to carry two big guy’s. I even know one big guy who solo’s in one.

Too bad Dagger doesn’t make them any more but I have seen them used recently.

Barring that I’d also look at the Esquif line up.

That Super Nova looks kind of interesting too but I didn’t see 16’ tandem.

The Rouge looks like a good boat if you want to get through the rapids quickly but if you want to play I’d look for a lot more rocker.

I’m also looking at the Swift - Dumoine and the Esquif - Canyon.

Prospector instead of SuperNova
If the SuperNova is a decicated solo, why not just look at NovaCraft’s Prospector 16, it sounds just like what you’re looking for. Any 16’ Prospector for that matter. But I would look shorter too - if you can find a Old Town Cascade you’re in business!!

I have an NC Prospector 16 that I use for general purpose, tripping, and tandem class II-III whitewater. It’s small enough to be responsive on rivers, and big enough to carry a load. However, I haven’t paddle it solo on rivers, as I use my dedicated WW boat (MR Outrage) for that. But I wouldn’t hesitate to paddle it on a solo trip, Prospectors are great for that, and definately nicer than a ww monster like a Dimmension.


14 footers
There must be more good boats in the 14’ range that can be paddled solo or tandem: Bell Nexus, Mohawk XL or Probes in 14-15’, Esquif Blast . . .


ww tandum
have you looked at mad rivers freedom ? its a good ww tandum thats preety tough.

I have the Old Town Appy and it does very well for me. I have only had it for 3 months, but it has doen canoe camping and mild WW well.


too big
I agree the Freedom and Appalachain and others (Dimmension, Esquif Canyon and Evergreen Starburst, for examples) are great tandem boats for ww rivers. No question.

However, it sounded like the original post was for a canoe that would be primarily soloed, and that a ww-specifc design (too much rocker for flatwater) would be OK. Go smaller.



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Never heard of a Supernova 16, but I paddle a Supernova (14'10") and it's a great Solo boat...but NOT tandem. The Prospector is a nice hull that's been around for a while...it's a good tandem boat for up to class III WW and great for tripping...it can also be paddled solo...but healed to one side...it's a bit beamy but you can load it to the gunwales for tripping.

If you're looking for a dedicated WW boat outfitted with bags and a saddles, you may be hard pressed to find one that will work well for both tandem and solo. The problem won't be the hull... but rather the outfitting.

Mohawk and Bell
Mohawk (Probe 14) and Bell (Nexus) sell good dedicated ww boats in the 14’ range that can be soloed or tendem, and that come outfitted with a 3-position saddle. These saddles/outfitting are probably on their websitse? But these boats, especially the Probe, would be of limited use for tandem tripping on flatwater - though I think the original post was for a ww boat.


Whitesell Pirahna ?
A friend just outfitted a Whitesell Pirahna (15foot) for tandemm use…normally a solo boat for big water. The Mohawk outfitting mentioned below for both solo and tandem is a pretty nice system in the right boat.

I think My personal preference would probably be for two distinct boats… a solo and a tandem…but that’s easy comming from a guy who’s wife already complains aboout the six he has :slight_smile: