Wyoming and Yellowstone regs

Can anyone tell me if I will need some kind of permit or sticker for my canoe while in the Yellowstone/Jackson Hole area?


inside Yellowstone
Inside Yellowstone, there is a specific park regulation requiring a permit (and hence, a sticker on your boat).

Jackson Lake and the rivers
require a Teton Park Permit available at the ranger station in Moose WY. Almost all rivers in Yellowstone are off limits. If a ranger sees your boat on the water the park owns it, ask me how i know? I know people kayak on Yellowstone lake but not sure of the permitting process.


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you will also need to buy a WY invasive species tag/permit $15 for non-residents for a canoe

"Do I need a decal to boat in Yellowstone National Park or the Wind River Reservation?
No, do not need a decal to boat on these waters. The State of Wyoming does not have jurisdiction in those areas. Please contact the appropriate authority in those areas for rules and regulations pertaining to those waters."

I would presume that the same applies in Grand Teton N.P., but not sure. Better ask WY about that

Wy Game and Fish Dept.
are the ones who collect the money and provide the “don’t move a mussel” (clever!) stickers.

Thanks all!

heres the regs