X-factor, Bimini, or Tarpon?

My wife has decided to join me as a fellow kayaker, so my quest for a second boat has me looking at SOT fishing boats. She’ll likely not get as “into it” as I am, so my thinking is that this boat should be something that “I” could keep with her in as we paddle together, but also fill a second “fishing” need. I currently have a Perception Morarch 15 (identical to the Dagger Charleston) so the SOT needs to be relatively fast. I’ve narrowed it down to the Malibu X-factor, Perception Bimini, or WS Tarpon 160.

Any thoughts, or other options? I prefer a 15-16’ boat.

Check on kayakfishingstuff.com
and texaskayakfishing.com. Both forums have plenty of tarpon users, though kayakfishingstuff is more likely to have bimini users. I go on texaskayakfishing.com most everyday and have never seen a complaint about the tarpon. Very popular kayak. There are several other kayak fishing websites too so you may want to do a search and see what they all have to say about the two kayaks. Except for some complaints about the fact the foot rests aren’t adjustable, Ocean Kayak’s Prowler 15 may also fit the bill. There’s one on texaskayakfishing.com for sale right now.

OK Scupper Pro
This is a smokin’ fast boat. And, you can add rod holders as you see fit. My wife and I have short boats (12’) for fishing and general futzing around. But we’re also going to get longer boats to cover more water. She’s leaning toward a Scupper Pro. We’ve both paddled one, both loved it. So I’m pondering getting hers and testing it a while before I settle on mine - I might get one too. But until then, the OK Prowler 15 and the WS T160 are high on my list …

Most of the people who have Scupper
Pro’s seem to like them. On the Prowler, be sure to try the boat out, at least sit in it and check out where the foot rests are placed. There’s a thread here by one disgurntled Prowler owner that didn’t like the foot rest placement. Also, check the weld seems where the bottom and top meet inside the supper holes. I’ve heard some complaints about the Prowler leaking there.

I’m a Scupper Pro TW owner
…and I love my pro! It’s plenty stable and great speed! If you are REALLY cheap they are pretty easy to find used and at a decent price! It’s an old design but a good one none-the-less.