X-Lge Sun Protective Hats....any luck?

I’m an old grey beard and
my Tilleys look spectacular upon me noggin!

At least, in my reality… :slight_smile:



check out your local Army/Navy surplus store. I went there on the recommendation of some board members and found a great bowie hat with a strap that does a good job of shading my noggin and neck from the sun. Cost me about $6 if I recall. I got green, but they had a few different colors.

I’m not sure what size head I have, but I wear an XXL helmet for hockey, snowboarding, and auto racing, and it’s rare I can find a baseball cap that fits me, so I’d guess we have similar sized noggins :slight_smile:

You were thinking
alot , thats why your hat size is so big. Personally I don’t worrry about getting wet , so I wear a military boonie hat.

cheap straw cowboy hat
They’re cool (temperature - wise) and cheap. Can’t see myself wearing a chinstrap in one though.

And the winner is…
I decided on a Watership Vineyard Haven…just liked everything about it…it floats…length of brim…material…weight…hope the XL fits…it should…if not…back it goes.

Will have to just do with my old green Tilley hiking hat (size 8) to wear with my grey beard! Didn’t go with Tilley this time as I wanted a lighter and more flexible hat…though one with a firm enough brim.

Thanks again to all…

‘Made in the shade’ Bob

Ooops…guess I’m losing my head…
Here are some hat links…I purchased mine from Bayhat.com







From a fellow big-head…
I have found that the supply and variety of ball caps is unlimited. I take a couple of my favorite old caps and stitch an old bandana along the bottom edge of the sides and back. Works great, stows easily, is cool, and provides great relief when you dip it in the water and then plunk it on your head. Best part; cost nothing. You might consider giving it a try as a backup to the other, fancy, expensive hats.

I’m usually in full agreement with your
posts but a ball cap is nowhere near a sun protective hat.

Be particularly aware of your
temple area. My father-in -law always wore ball caps and in later life had to have cancerous areas removed from his temples including radiation treatments.A full brim hat is better.

Tilley has a nylon hat now.

tilley for sure
I bought mine at the factory outlet. they have your size in stock. check out the website and see the sizing page to know how to measure your mellon properly. they say you should be able to fit two fingers under the head band and this works great. they’re making some wider brimmed models these days as well. the hats as well as the clothes they sell all wear like iron. worth every penny and then some.

Deja voo all over again.
Same with my Dad. I too was a ball cap wearer until a couple of years ago when he had a couple of carcinomas removed. One from INSIDE his left ear! Cover up before it’s too late.


Stetson,Bailey,Renagade, Charlie 2 Horse

that is where the bandana comes in.
Sort of creates a French Foreign Legion look. The bandana shades the head from eye to eye around the back.

I hear you but the temple is exposed

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With respect. Do what you like!

I'll decrease my already almost infinitesimal temptation to ladies of taste everywhere by wearing a funky, floppy, style-unconscious hat, with a brim all around.

If they don’t find ya handsome, atleast they can find ya handy.LOL.

Problem with Watership Vineyard Haven
Just received the XL Watership Vineyard Haven hat. Although when I called and asked if the XL would fit a size 8, and the response was affirmative…it doesn’t appear to fit this 8 head.

So…back (almost) to the drawing table. I think I will take another look at a Tilley as my old green Tilley sure feels fine…and a Tilley 8 is an 8 for sure.

Ahhhh…the trials & tribulations of a huge head…


I feel your squeezed head
And My Tilley feels great.

Hey String…
I am soon to be a two-Tillier…my old green Tilley…and just ordered a ‘true size 8’ wide-brimmed hemp Tilley…

Soon to be ‘made in the shade’ bob

Watership Trading Co…
…just looked at their website, and they look like great hats, and they’re in Bellingham, 2+ hrs from here. I’m a 7.75" fathead, and am always looking for better hats.

Singalong, like Coffee , I sometimes
think I paid WAY too much for my Tilley - until I wear it. I’ve never had a more comfortable hat on my big head. I got the vented nylon one.And I have the winter hat, which is great.