X-Lge Sun Protective Hats....any luck?

Well…I finally have a kayak and have collected all of the necessary access. that I need.

But,I need a hat for the largest head in New England…at least it seems that way when I try on hats. I wear a size 8.

I am looking for a very wide brimmed paddling hat, preferably waterproof and floats. Have searched on Google with some luck, but thought I would throw out the question to those who might be similarly headed…

Many thanks…


outdoor research sahara sombrero

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fits my 23.5 inch noggin, but i wish they made it larger to fit over a hood in winter

I also have found it impossible to get a good helmet to fit over a hood etc.

It's all about cash baby! Not enough profit in the last 5% of the big heads to do it right!

the kind you put on your head and the band comes down around your knees?

We drove down to the Keys this weekend with friends, and among other things, stopped were at Worldwide Sportsman/Bass Pro Shops in Islamorada for lunch at the Islamorada Fish Company on the waterfront out back. AFter lunch, we -of course!-wandered around the store. Really cool -they have Hemingway’s all wood sport fishing boat there, right in the middle of the store, along with lines and lures and rods and reels from here to forever.

They have a nice selection of clothing as well, aimed particularly at tropical casual fashions and outdoor apparel for Florida -including sunblock shirts and hats. I came across nice wide-brimmed well-ventilated hats for $20. Almost got one, but as I already have 15 or 16 ball caps, 2 visors, and a wide-brim of my own, not to mention 3 straw hats and 2 mesh wide-brim golf-style hats, I decided to pass.

But they came in all sizes, including L, XL, XXL, and by golly, XXXL! Don’t use one of those around a VW Bug or a BMW Mini…

So see about checking out a BPS near you -you might even be able to order one over the net.

And then you -and your HEAD, will have it made in the shade as you

Paddle On!

-Frank in Miami

Easy deal. Tilley’s come in large

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sizes and are great hats.This is just one.


Of course , you have to be tough to wear one and admit it here.

that’s a replica of hemingways boat, but the store is great! I always leave with no purchases cause I was overwhelmed!

As an unabashed fan of Tilleys, I naturally suggest giving them a call. If they don’t have your size, they would probably sew one up for you: They make 'em right there in Canada, not in some sweatshop “across the pond”.


How bout a
urban sombrero…J.Peterman co.

By the Watership Trading Companie.

Thanks all…and my noggin thanks you too.

Will check out some website tomorrow!

…Soon to be, ‘made in the shade Bob’

Spent a few minutes on this

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from what I see the urban sombrero is a seinfeld joke and nothing else will size as big as the Outdoor reasearch.

good luck and pleas let me (or us) know if you find something really good that fits.

My knock on watership hats for us big noggined folks is that 8 & 3/8 (at the top end of the range of a hat)is not a really big head; that starts at size 8.5.

I too am a HUGE fan of Tilleys. I have four different hats of theirs. The one I’m using for kayaking has a huge brim.

Check them out. You can’t go wrong

another OR suggestion

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the wombat hat. Brim not as huge as the sahara and no black under brim but much more stylish.

I do not care for style at all. I am heavy into function. My four year old wears a Sahara sombrero and loves it. (Adult size medium; has a head like papa)

I routinely find that OR offers a greater range of sizes. They are committed to innovation and high quality (like their gorilla nose balaclava) let's face it: columbia makes one size of their adult sun hats. What a joke (unless it fits).

just another vote for the watership trading hats. i have a vineyard haven and have found it to be a great hat for paddling. heavy enough to keep the brim down in the wind but not hot at all. less that tilley and better looking. lots of styles, fabrics and sizes. check out the webpage.


got ya! LOL.

Better Looking!!!??
By whose standard? If you’re old with a grey beard , Tilley’s look great.

Hemingway’s Boat
Actually it is my understanding that the boat is not a replica, but the real deal. If you ask the manager they have photos of getting it from Cuba.


I guess I need to spend more of the
mind that God gave me and the time I am granted on this earth watching network tv.

What was I thinking?

They also look good on folks that like to where black socks and sandals with Speedos!! I’d like to find an updated Rice paddy hat, but not that Goofy looking orange and blue one advertised some place on P-net!

And again. Amen


Dunno which was funnier -the original response, the gotcha, or the comeback -guess it was the comeback -what WERE you thinking…!

Just re-waterproofed the brim on mine last night -a cheapie $9.99 brand that works just fine for me, sorry Tilley & Watership and all you other Brand Names…

And it don’t look neether better nor more doofus than a Tilley on this old head!

Indeed, it’s just fine when I

Paddle On!

-Frank in Miami