X-mas morning paddle

I had a terrific paddle early this morning - Christmas Day. Took my new semi-dry top and new skirt and paddled around our lagoons here, off San Francisco Bay. I had the waterways literally to myself, if you don’t count the ducks and egrets. In fact, the water was a flat mirror unless I or those birds made the ripples. Cold? Sure for Northern California; I couldn’t feel my fingers. But quiet, sunny, calm and beautiful.

Just had to share the joy. I’m sure you’ll all understand!

That is so sad.
Spending the day alone when you should be out with family and friends.

That’s Great !
A relaxing paddle to put you in a positive frame of mind for dealing with family and friends.

Sorry I couldn’t resist.



I had it all. Quiet time to myself, before family and friends out the wazoo!

Lucky you! It’s been in the 40’s here in
central Michigan and this has allowed some to spend more ‘winter’ time on the water than in past years. I’ve been going out 1-2 times a week as opposed to the usual cold temp times of 2-3 times a month.

Everyone–enjoy it while you can!

Paddle on.

In the 30s here!
Not mid-day, of course, but when I’m up early and paddling. Sat and Sun it was 32 degrees, literally freezing, air temp when I started out biking or paddling! Water temps getting down in the low 50s now. Glad I bought more cold weather gear, as I’m a wuss with cold and could never handle the northern weather again!

FWIW, I use some biking wicking clothing under my FJ wetsuit, then a therma-something zip up overshirt, then a Kokatat Re-Action jacket (new to me and works pretty well). Booties on the feet with thick skiing socks underneath. New full spray skirt too, the Seals Sneak. OR Seattle Sombrero with head warmer underneath. Waiting to get some Sealskinz gloves.

Only my fingers were cold, so the rest of this works in our temps. Everything else but my hands (woven work gloves only) did not get wet from the outside at all, though I sweat quite a lot, and didn’t chill from moisture either.

I don’t pretend that you could roll in this. I’ve never rolled in my life and hope never to have to unless it’s in a lesson in a pool.

For laughs, though, and this was purely accidental, I figure that my little rec boat turned in its fastest time ever, about 4 mph at least. Didn’t dare stop!

If You Got a New Onno Wing Paddle
for Christmas, you’d be paddling also on Christmas day. Make that P.M., after opening presents and brunch with the family. That “ONNO Lever Lock” for two piece kayak paddles works like a charm. And now many of the big paddle makers have copied it and are using it on their own paddles, calling it their “new” clamp. Oh well, at least the Onno blades are still the most efficient, and eventually, they’ll be copied also.