Xmas kayak for tall guy

Any suggestions looking for light touring kayak for man 6’2 220lbs, athletic beginner, for ocean coastal use. Considering Prijon Touryak, Old Town Dirigo 140, Cayuga 146 or Tsunami 145. Needs leg room and good seat as he has occational lower back problems. THANKS!!

Not the Dirigo
The Dirigo is good for big guys, but it’s a recreational boat. If he’s seriously considering ocean coastal use - it’s the wrong boat. It’s cockpit (the area you sit in) is 4’ long and would flood quite easily.

The Tsunami 145 should fit him. I’ve been in that exact boat (5’ 11" @ 275 lbs). I’m a little shorter, but it fit me alright.

I don’t know anything about the others.

That said - most people will caution you against just buying a boat. It’s best to (have him) try and test paddle them.

model kayak
Why not wrap up a model kayak with a note that it represents his real present? Cause I gotta second the first responder. Kayak fit is very personal, and he’ll be waaaaaaaaay better off if he can sit in and try the boats on the list himself.

3rding it

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I will third what was said before - a gift certificate fits much better than an actual boat. He will need to have seat time in a boat before he knows which would fit.

Also, because you said "coastal" kayaking, I would suggest looking for a boat classified as a touring boat. Generally 14 feet or longer and 22-24" wide. Some of the boats you listed would be classified as recreational boats (larger cockpit openings, so hard to get a skirt that would seal; more like 28-30" wide, etc.). Recreational boats are fine for protected flat water, but not really appropriate for open water.

why not step up
to something like a QCC-700? i am 6’3" and it fits me fine.

Better yet
Wrap that toy kayak in a gift certificate from local kayak school.

big guy
Beleive what everyone has said. I’m 6’4" x 250, there are many kayaks that fit me. There are also many kayaks that fit, that he will “outgrow” soon after buying. Try to be patient, and invest the time. Kayak lust is a very seductive mistress. (I’m lusting after my fourth!)

one boat i can recomend that he wont out grow is the tarpon 160 sot, its a blast and a pretty good “do everything boat”

2nd the T160.But, a gift certificate for
a boat wold be unbeatable.

My wife never gave me a boat for Xmas
I always had to buy my own. Then again, maybe the seven boats I already have in the basement has something to do with it. Hope you have a nice Christmas.

I’m 6’ @ 210…
…I have a Touryak.

Nice boat. Lots of room. The boat’s a lot more stable

than I. The plastic is the same as my white water boats.

Tends to be a bit heavy, but I don’t feel overly so.

but it would be best to demo it. Give him an IOU and take him to a shop.

Good advice
Thanks everyone for the suggestions

The model will be much easier to fit under the tree.

Happy Holidays

Agree with try before you buy…
But I have paddled a few of these. At 6’2", 250, I can say that the Tsunami145 is the best of the bunch you listed, especially for a big guy. I’ve paddled with and without the rudder and prefer without, although for coastal paddling oyu may want to add it on and only use it when needed. The cockpit is not “recreational size”, and takes a 1.7 skirt. I almost bought a used one for $600 with rudder, but held off because I’d prefer my jump from the Tsunami125 be into a QCC700 or similar. Started a new savings account just for that purpose.

I have a Prijon but its a Cruiser.
Better than the rotomold. The HPT material is stiffer and comes back after depressions. The Cruiser is a crossover so I can’t coment on how it behaves in the ocean. It seems to be well made. The hatch cover is a joke.

A much better idea.
Surprise him with a puppy. Or a parrot.

Tempest 170 or ndk explorer
are also good stable kayaks—and he won’t get tired of them as he progresses(glass Tempest and NDK explorer are rather pricy but the Tempest comes in an RM model that isn’t through the roof and the NDK can be bought used

Boat 4 big guy
Im 6’1" 220 lbs and I ride a Dagger Specter 15’5 I don’t think Dagger makes this boat anymore. Try to find a used one its a great boat. I also own a Cayuga 14’6 by Old Town and I like the ride better than all the boats mentioned. Try as many as he can. Good luck

Describe your hatch cover?..

…my Prijon touring boats have a hard plastic cover

as well as a cover which is not unlike a spray skirt.

I’ve never had a problem with water getting in.

NC Expedition 19
I am 6ft. 1in tall and weigh 200 lbs.

I am in miltary shape size wise and I’ve been away from the sport for 15 years.I use to race.

But, spent the time since then in the service.

I just purchase an NC Expedition 19, because of my size and the fact that you can carry 450 lbs on board.

Which helps me not to discount taking long camping trips.

I just took it out on Lake Michigan the day after Thanksgiving for a paddle in 5 ft waves and snow blowing.

I had a riot for three hours of very busy paddling this new boat cut right through the surf and handled the rough quite well.

This yak was two things you would not expect in a big yak. It was fast and stable.

NC has a great color previewer where you can paint you yak any color you want in a fade or straight color too.

Check it out.

But take your time and get the one you think would serve your needs and this will give you confidence when you finally go paddle.