XP10 skeg rattle

When I drop the skeg, I can hear it hitting the sides of the skeg box when I paddle. Not terrible, but quiet is nicer! The opening of the skeg box is about 1/2" – the skeg is about 1/4" – I’m thinking about filling some of the extra space. One thought is a few layers of duct tape stacked on both sides of the skeg box fairly close to the pivot point. I was hoping to do this w/o removing the skeg – which would make it a bit more surgical – fitting the tape between the inside of the box and the skeg.

Any bright ideas for something a bit thicker than duct tape to avoid the layering? Ability to stick well to rotomolded plastic and get wet are key. Any other ideas?


skeg rattle
Try using self-adhesive Velcro, just the fuzzy side.

2nd that
velcro works perfectly. I used 3/4" fuzzy squares attached onto the skeg on the top side edge at the rear. Needle nose pliers work great to reach into the skeg box.

Thanks for the tip
I have two other boats with skegs and never had the problem. Seems like there is just too much play at the skeg pivot point. At the moment I’m thinking of applying the velcro to the inside of the skeg box because the skeg itself has some small ridges that I think could possibly intefere with the grip of the adhesive (we’ll see). There will be a trip to the hardware store on Tuesday. Thanks, again.

Skeg rattle
Yes, the fuzzy Velcro goes on the inside of the skeg box, not on the skeg.

Is the rattle intermittent, or fairly
constant? I’m wondering if the skeg might be fluttering in the water as it slices through. A little fattening of the leading edge of the skeg might cut the flutter.

More of a thunk
with each paddle stroke, IIRC.

I did do the fuzzy velcro inside the skeg box, but have not had a chance to get on the water to test the result.

I can say that shorter strips of velcro (mine were a few inches long by about 3/4") would have been more effective for me in getting the whole strip completely inside the skeg box – because the strips were a bit long, it was hard to get the strip all the way inside w/o the sticky side grabbing prematurely at the skeg box. So the strips do fold slightly onto the bottom of the boat – others with less shakey hands might do better! Or just removing the skeg first! Not much room between the skeg and skeg box sides to manipulate the strips. I don’t think the slight velcro on the boat bottom will effect anything, it justy isn’t as clean as I was picturing.

me 2 …
I have the XP10 also … i can hear the skeg banging back and forth as i move around … I’ll try the velcro trick also.