Xstreamline Racks

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My wife and I are currently looking to get a couple of kayaks. We found two we like in a 2004 Perception Carolina 13.5 and a 2005 Carolina 13.5. We're looking at ways to cartop right now, and in looking around found the quick rack my Xstreamline. Has anyone used this type of a setup or know anything about it??

Seems to me this would be a good cheap way to transport 2 kayaks decent distances w/o spending the $$$ right away on a Thule or Yakima setup.

I know foam blocks work well for transporting one kayak on a car from my readings on this site lots of people use them with success. But this seems to be the best way to use foam blocks and transport 2 kayaks. Obviously one will still need bow and stern lines and such but this looks to be more solid a setup than loose foam blocks.

here is a link to their website...


Any input is appreciated.



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frankly I don’t see any competitive advantage over a yakima rack that would put you back around 280US. The cheap foam block rack is 260US.

Not clear how this attaches. If you really want cheap and temporary, Sears has them with straps, or you can just get a extra large pool noodle from Walmart and thread your strap through it and put two on your roof and off you go. Of course you would want to tie down bow and stern, but I would anyway with yakima or thule.

Just my 02 cents

I agree… the pricing for their setup is surprisingly high for what it is. I wouldn’t order that exact setup from them. I would put something together that is similar and with local parts that would be much cheaper than their $260. I already have some foam blocks to experiment with that were cheap (i.e. free), so all I need to do is come up with a cross bar between the blocks (pipe) and a attachment system (strap thru car for right now). Then strap the boats down like strapping them down to a Thule or Yakima system.