xxxxxl kayak drysuit

Hi all from the UK.Need some help in finding a XXXXXL drysuit suitable for kayaking ,seems the uk doesnt cater for the bigger guy and hope i can have some luck in the USA.Need a suit with a 56" chest 54" waist 6ft 1" and weigh 300 lbs,any help will be deeply apreciated.

I think Kokatat still does custom suits.
See if you can contact them directly or through a UK dealer.

Since you are in the UK
You may want to try asking on the UKriversguidebook forum

Also Reed Chillcheater custom make gear

I am just a bit smaller than you and never found anything off the rack that works. The best answer seems to be Kokatat who will modify their existing sizes a bit. Check out their XXXL and L King as starting points on any of their dry suit size charts and the special sizing tab.

I had better luck finding wetsuits for large guys (NRS Grizzly line). A real wetsuit shop probably could get you into something that fits better and is warmer.

I also sometimes just use breathable fishing waders bibs, which they make for very large guys. They are not ideal for all situations but if you use multiple wading belts, a dry jacket (I just have a semi-dry), and a good tight fitting PFD you take on none to very little water when you swim. I wouldn’t want to swim for a long time or be out in the ocean but has kept me warm and dry on lakes and rivers.



Since you are the UK, I’d suggest you contact Reed - I have two of their ChillCheater suits, and I love 'em - very comfortable, breathe well, great zips. Bought both of mine used, had to send 'em in for minor leak repairs and modifications - very obliging folks, very reasonable cost, great service, and I live on the other side of The Pond! Dollar for dollar, I don’t think there is a better value out there than Reed’s ChillCheater suits. Kokatat may rule, but Reed serves my needs perfectly well.

xxxxxl kayak drysuit

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Thanks everyone for your help ,have contacted Kokatat and found they can sort me one out .Job done obliged

I have a two 1/2 year old Kokatat L King
for sale. I’m 5’11 and weighed close to 300. It is in very good shape, blue top and grey/black legs. If you need taller, Kokatat can add to the legs.

Chest is 58" and extra was added to the waist area. 600 bucks. GREAT Deal.