ya first kayak

i forgot about this first yak i had it was a wave sport transformer t4 i used it on a lake and man it was hard for me to paddle.but i had one of the funest days ever on it was acrazy night where a awesume sunset came up then some planes came over and did loop de loops over me.so what was ya first kayak

I’m still on my first kayak! :wink:

OK, not the exact same boat but the same model.

I came to sea kayaking from WW kayaking. So I already know pretty much what I want when I got my first boat. My preference hadn’t change so far. So I’m still paddling the same model of boat.

(I never bought my own WW kayak until much later since it’s pretty easy to rent whatever model I wish)

Oh yeah!!!
I remember the time and place of my first time!