Yak Clips

Anyone use the Yak Clips, a paddle holder which snaps on the cowling of a rec kayak? Do you like them?

it’s better than nothing but it doesn’t fit my Prijon Calabria coaming …works on my WS Pamlico and CD Solstice though … trial fit it to your boat 1st. I usually slip the blade under a perimeter line and hook the shaft in the YakClip to hold it.

I use Yak Clips
Nice for securing paddle while taking pictures.

Can you use these with a
neoprene skirt or do they only clip onto the edge of the cockpit without any obstruction?

no you cannot use these if you use a skirt over your cockpit opening

I like it!
I use it on my cd whistler and heritage featherlite. I can snap the butt of my fishing pole in it while paddling the whistler. Then take the pole out and snap the paddle in.

On the featherlite I use it strictly for the paddle as I put the pole behind the seat while paddling.

I like it because it is one less thing permanently attached to the hull.

No fit on WS Tempest 170 (plastic)
Too loose.