yak grips

Anyone use yak grips?

Had them on a very heavy aluminum
paddle. Comfortable, warm, and bled black on my hands until I sold the paddle.

I like my wood and CF paddles naked.

had them on my paddle …they softened the feel a bit but what i didn’t like is i could not, easily, slide my hands along the paddle shaft as i felt i needed.

I’ve had a pair
for about a month now and have used them on three outings, so far I really like the feel. It took a little while at first to get used to the extra diameter they add to the shaft. They grip pretty well to the paddle, I only have a slight problem with them sliding a little when they get really wet.

Used them once
They creaped down the paddle over time. I haven’t used them since

Here’s the key
I’ve used them for about 18 months now I think.

  1. After trying surf wax to keep them to stick to my Epic Paddle, I resorted to black cloth duct tape. Haven’t had a problem with the sliding since.

  2. I believe it is an advantage that your hands won’t slip, slide at all on the paddle with the grip. No wasted energy in the sliding. Goes to the paddle regardless of what your intent is. In fact, I find it strange to use a paddle now where I get some slip with the fingers or hand on the paddle.

  3. Since they do give a little, some of that gained energy is lost in the compression but probably still a net gain.

  4. After, 18 months, I have worn a spot on each in the cloth cover they have. So starting to look a little bad. Also, mine were orange, and they suffered sun fade (or maybe they just bled out), it seemed liek UV fade to me.

  5. I am going to buy another set some day so they look better.

  6. Pretty easy to paddle with just a thumb and one or two fingers on them since the will stick and not slide.

    Put me in the I like them category.

    Bill G.

    Mt. Pleasant, SC

yak grips
love my yak grips… cant do without em…:sunglasses:

yak grips
Yes I love my yak grips. In summer use them instead of gloves and no blisters. Love them.