yak grips

I like the yak grips for a couple of reasons. Problem is they slip when they get wet while paddling. Thinking about taping them in place, but I was curious if any one has come up with a different solution.

or gloves
In addition to your slipping problem it would seem that they would limit sliding your hands on the shaft when desired (extra leverage in a sweep, extended for a roll, shifting paddle to compensate for beam winds, etc.).

But for your problem maybe something like surf wax under for traction or a little bit of anti-skid tape.

Muscles work harder
Hands have to compress the foam, fatigue quicker;

than just holding the ol’ paddle shaft.

No one see this stuff on rakes, shovels, etc.

which is a repetitive motion as well, because

it is a bit of a gimmick for profit.

Starting out maybe, then what?
Starting out I looked at all the paraphernalia that is sold for kayaking. Since I’m a long time cyclist, I assumed grips for paddles might be warranted.

But I found that it was much easier and more functional to use gloves. FWIW, all I needed were cheap woven polyester work gloves (not cotton painter’s gloves nor leather) that I bought 3 for $10 at Home Depot. Work like a charm to cushion without losing grip, feel of the paddle or ability to slide my hands as needed, and stopped blisters from forming. When wet they’re cooling too.

For winter I have Sealskinz gloves, which are Ok as well.

If you start with gloves and that isn’t enough, then look for the solutions at biking stores for handlebar tape that is water resistant (not cork!).

And don’t grip the paddle like your life depends on it. That “death grip” is fatiguing without any real benefit.

Ski Wax
Or a product called Sex Wax. It is used by surfers for their boards. I would save the money and buy a hard ski wax, the stuff for COLD weather. These are gripping waxes by the way, not car or floor wax.

Also you hardly need to grip the paddle, push with the palms and pull with your crooked fingers most of the time: But you would know this.


In summer I use NRS fingerless paddling gloves. They have a grippy palm and are really comfortable. With these you can really relax your hands and reduce fatigue. As other have said, a relaxed grip and an open hand push will reduce the chance of health problems.

Are gloves really necessary ?
I’ve paddled 20, 30 and 40 miles in 1 day;

– no gloves used for most of my paddles.

I’ll wear gloves in the dead of winter,

– but even then I prefer SnapDragon Pogies most days.

To each their own…

It’s a matter of preference, isn’t it?

they can be
I have a very loose grip but on days above 20 miles I’ll start to get some blisters and more so if those days are back to back. I paddle on average 30 miles per week unless I’m doing a lot of surfing, but still I have problems on longer trips so I started wearing gloves which helped a lot. Maybe I need to do something different.

Or Paddle Wax
WW kayakers use it all the time

Not certain if it would work but
you may be able to use some of the velcro strips available at Dick’s, wrapped around either end of the yak grip. If it holds well enough, it could be adjusted if need be, and if it doesn’t hold well enough, they could always be used for something else. The velcro strips have a slot near one end, so the strip is threaded through til it’s tight, then velcroed down. I put Yak grips on all my paddles, mainly because I was getting complaints from the kids that they were getting blister, and since my kids bring different friends all the time, the paddles are user-friendly for anybody that shows up and I haven’t gotten anymore blister complaints.

I used a strip of Velcro. Stuck the hard plastic piece on my paddle shaft where the grips go and slid them on over it. The hard plastic catches the neoprene inside and keeps them put pretty good.