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Bought a Cobra Fish N’ Dive a couple of years ago. First kayak I’ve ever owned or been in! Would like to hear other’s comments, opinions, critiques, and reviews!

Lots of info here:


Its a big competent fishing barge for
many and prized by those who fish the Gulf of Mexico. High resale value in Texas.

Yak fishing
I appreciate the response! You hit one of my points of concern right on top of the head! One of my life’s ambitions (well, for this summer, anyway) is to take my yak to Port Aransas as soon as school is out! I’ve heard and read that is a really neat place to go yak fishing.

Well, Duh!!!

Guess I didn’t see the forest for the trees! Thanks for the response!

You need to register at this website:
texaskayakfisherman.com, the premier kayak fishing website for Texas and its Gulf Coast. After registering do a search for Beyond the Breakers, also known as BTB. Also search for posts by Jolly Roger, he’s probabably the best of Texas off the beach kayak fishermen. Ask your questions about the area you want to fish on the saltwater board, you’ll get plenty of answers.

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Thanks a bunch! You have really made my day! I owe you big time! What do you want? Your yard mowed? Your car washed? Your house painted? I have been searching for a place where I can get some information about kayak fishing on the coast. I WILL definitely dig into this!

Thanks again!


You are welcome.
Another good site for general kayakfishing is kayakfishingstuff.com. Its based on the East Coast, but is a good resource.

he is a good guy
…but if you really want to make his day, some stevie nicks tickets might be nice…