yak paddle?

I’m looking for a shorter (210cm) paddle for my Necky Looksha IV. Getting into many narrow creeks and wanting to move to a higher paddle position.

Anyone have an opinion?

How about the Pacific Designs? Sure is light for the buck.



Well I sold my Looksha IV (but I have visitation rights) but I’m planning on using some of the proceeds to buy a Werner Cyprus. It’s a foam core (more expensive) version of the Shuna or, if you prefer, a smaller version of the Ikileos (sp?). I’m looking for a shorter paddle and one that performs well in those fancy-pants BCU strokes - especially where you want to slice the blade through the water.

I do have a sinking feeling that I may eventually want a larger-blade paddle, too. And a wing, and a really, really tough Lendal, and a Beale GP. I think I’m a paddle-slut.

to Patrick at Onno Paddles. I have only used my new Onno paddle six times so far, but I love it. And, it was very competativly priced. Patrick will make the paddle any length you want and he has several shapes and sizes to choose from.

Happy Paddling,


Excellent Paddle for the Buck…
Aquabound Manta Ray with the Carbon Fiber Shaft and ABX (White) blade. High Angle paddle that comes in 210, 215, and 220 cm lengths. 210 cm length will be around 30 ounces.

You can typically get it for around $100 to $140. Nice and light, virtually indestructable.

If you want to go for a more lightweight paddle, the all carbon/carbon ABX blade is a few ounces less (27 ounces), but about $40 more (list).

The ultimate Aquabond High Angle paddle is the All carbon fiber twill Tsunami. $275, but around 25 ounces.

For your needs, I think the Carbonshaft/white ABX version is the ticket. Light, but has a bombproof blade for sticks and shallows found in most creeks. I have the carbon shaft/white Manta Ray myself in the 220 version and like it alot.


I second onno as the padle of choice. I have several brandds of paddles but Pats paddles are my favorites and the price is very nice.